Thursday, July 15, 2010

the month of Marvelous Melody! end of April to end of May 2010.

We have great families. REALLY great families.

To prove it, let me tell you a story about Marvelous Melody.

(yes, melody, I stole this off of your facebook profile. sorry, but I love it!)

Aaron, as some of you are aware, had his last huge board examination at the end of April. It is a big deal. As a student, you are responsible for finding patients with the precise "cases" you need to solve while the examiners are looking over your shoulder. Because of this, you want to find the perfect patient with the ideal case. It takes a while to find. Once you find your golden patient, you hold on to them and bribe them if necessary. If your patient is a no-show on the day of the exam, you fail. It's crazy.

I just wanted to give a little background of the importance of a good patient.

Fast forward to two weeks before the exam. We get a call from Aaron's parents saying that Melody (Aaron's little sister) might be a prime candidate for his test (they are as anxious as we are to find good patients). We are able to get her x-rays from Utah and she is golden! Perfect cases for his test. So, we arrange for her to catch a flight to come down and get the red tape cleared before the exam.

She agreed. That weekend was Matilda's birthday weekend (april 24th). Melody came bearing gifts.
A new dress from Grandma and Grandpa that she LOVES!

and what 2 year old doesn't love FINGER PAINTING?! It was that cool Color Wonder kind! Nice!

Melody was SO great to have such a great attitude about flying down (by herself!) and playing with Tillie. Matilda ADORES Melody!!

Oh, did I mention that she had to miss 2 nights of the high school spring play that she was in. She was the STUDENT DIRECTOR, so she had a ton of responsibility in making it all run smoothly---and she had to miss 2 nights of the play! Oh my! Is that a big deal or what?! I was dying when I found out she had to train another girl to fill in for her... tons of extra work, I'm sure.
Is this girl amazing or what?!
I know. I know!

So, she stayed for the weekend. Flew back late Monday night and had to go to school the next morning (remember how much it stinks to do make-up work in high school?). She goes back to school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and then leaves that night to come BACK to Texas. Aaron's exam was taking place Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Not only was she the PERFECT patient who exhibited lots of PATIENCE (pun totally intended) with Aaron, but she had such a positive attitude about it all! Sitting ALL day in a dental chair? NOT FUN.

On Sunday, she helped wrestle the kiddos with me while Aaron was taking the second part of the exam, and she was a LIFE SAVER! She took Matilda to Nursery (which is a trick to escape) and then she kept Cal happy while I did Singing Time for the primary.

What did she miss this weekend at home? Oh, only the CAST PARTY!?! The best and most fun part after the performances. The big celebration---she had to miss! That is a HUGE deal, people. I felt SO sad about it! But again, she was so sweet about it all and "just happy to help" as she'd say.

Amazing, that girl.

I don't know why I don't have more pictures of her visits, probably b/c we were racing from one thing to the next. But, we sure love that Melody and are so grateful she was the perfect patient and the bestest sister!!

Oh, did I mention that she flew down AGAIN with her parents and brother to be apart of Aaron's graduation 2.5 weeks later? hA! We loved it! THANK YOU, MELODY!


Tyler and Erin said...

What an awesome sis-in-law!
loved all the updates of the kiddos. It was fun to see you in Utah last month. I saw your mom at Mary Johnston's shower yesterday. Love that lady! I didn't get a chance to talk to her much since I was chasing the two kiddos trying to keep one out of the swimming pool. Hope all is well in Texas living the REAL life. One day one day... I'll be there.

scott said...

what a great tribute - you're the best. dad


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