Sunday, November 30, 2008

old timers.

great wall of china, circa 2005

well, as they say, "it's the most wonderful time of the year"--- and I totally subscribe to that.

black friday wasn't too BLACK in tejas, rather a grey color. Literally. It was nice to do some Christmas shopping for myself in "non-south-texas" h-O-t weather. Yes, Aaron and I purchased some goods to give each other (a joint combined effort, really), and we are glad.
Merry Christmas to US!

New WIRELESS speakers were on the agenda. Can we say "sub-woofin'-awesome"? Yes, please. And, yes, we'll take two. That's right. We loved the one so much, that we ventured BACK to Sears a few hours later, only to purchase ANOTHER one from the SAME cashier. Poor fella. He definitely remembered us from 7 hours previous.

What can I say, we're unforgettable? Or maybe it was the fact that we made him track down his manager to give us the CORRECT and ridiculous sale price from the ad. What? Because of people like us the economy is going down? Hmmm... well, let's grab some speakers before the money is gone. At least we'll be able to dance our way to the slums.

And, boy, we danced. And sang. And danced. That is what happens when you add things like "sub-woofer", "tweeter", and "mid-range" to my vocabulary.


Life is good.

Now we can pump up the jams like our Puerto Rican next door neighbors (whom we love, in all seriousness). Ask me to do an impression of all the songs they play. I know the exact beat to bop---salsa style.

Just one of my many talents.

AND! for your viewing pleasure, I have been archiving all of our photos, just in case my computer decides to crash after I have hit it from my spinning and shake shake dance (remember the new speakers? i GOTTA dance. just GOTTA).

Here are some OLDIES but GOODIES from when we taught english in china.
Keep in mind that we really enjoy sweating. RAD!

i still DIE laughing every time I see this picture. yes, he is a man---and yes, that is a bow.
triple threat awesome. I felt SO sneaky when I took this picture.


Kristen said...

So glad you got awesome neighbors too that like to share their wonderful music. Love that, and seriously love you melissa. You did such a good job on your talk today, making me tear up a few times. Aaron is right, everyone that is around you feels your aura. You are one of the most beautiful person I know.

emily snyder said...

you kill me!!!!!!! why in the world are you documenting china?? i want to know about thanksgiving. did you take pictures?? how was your talk?? what did you talk about?? what did aaron say about you?? what is that comment from kristen talking about??? so many questions!! but i love you both - especially as i imagine you dancing with your speakers!

Steffani said...

What cool pics of China! I didn't know that you guys did that! I espeically love the one of the Great Wall! It seriously looks like you've been photoshopped into the pic! Too beautiful to really be there!

Becker said...

Love the re-cap. I've never actually been out on black Friday. Is it not as horrendous as everyone makes it out to be?

Tara said...

Melissa...its Tara (Whitney's friend).

I appreciated your pics from China (I swear when we had a big fat conversation about China that you teaching English there never came up...)

Anyway, love the one of the man with the hat. I especially appreciated it as I see specimens of this sort every day!

Your little one is getting big! She is darling!

Will you tell your mom "hi" for me. And that we are surviving in Hong Kong! (I'm curious if she knows anyone in our branch. There are a few families that have been here for quite awhile.)

Jordan & Jandee said...

love the pictures, love the commentary! Were these speakers for you house, car?


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