Thursday, November 20, 2008

COOL christmas music.

we know the definition of COOL over here.

get the good stuff.
that's RIGHT. look to the RIGHT and you'll see some very wonderful, unique, beautiful Christmas music.
Aaron thinks he has banned our family from listening to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving, but little does he know that I have been "sneaking" it while he has been away at school.

But, when it is THIS glorious, one needs more than 30 + days to listen to it.
Give it a listen.
You'll agree with me.

Most of it is from Sufjan Stevens. He has a DREAMY voice. And, then of course many songs are from Sarah McLachlan. Always a favorite. Am I right, or am I right?

I'll be adding more HOLIDAY favorites, but for now, you can get your fix. Also, you don't have to stay on my blog to listen to it. Just click on the "Pop Out" tab under the player and then you can have that as a tab in your background as you are doing your holiday "surfin" on the web... or as background music for your lovely life.

You can thank me later.
Consider it my Christmas gift to you.
You're welcome.


emily snyder said...

bless you bless you bless you!!!
good luck with your life when aaron finds out what a sneak you are!!

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

You crack me up! Thanks for the tunes .... and always remember that Jesus is your friend.

lizzy said...

o i love that picture!!! hey do you / can you christmas day on it?

love aunt lizzy

Becker said...

If it's a month that ends in "ber" that is close enough to Christmas for the music, right, Melis?

Lindsey Walker said...

Dan here: I was intrigued by the idea that there could actually be cool christmas music (although I have always had a soft spot for John lennon's "Happy X-mas, War is over" but I have to say you guys have nailed it. Lindsey and I are big Sufjan fans. The dude seriously brings me to tears, but for some reason I have always been reluctant to get the Christmas album in fear that his reputaion would be smeared by some corny elf jingles. But, after listening to some of it, I was proven wrong, I will have to pick some up now. Thanks for the advice. PS if you have a sec, let us know what would be fun to do if we cam down to San Antonio for a weekend.


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