Saturday, November 15, 2008

boston trip: day two.

Okay, it's about time. Wah, wah, wah.
What do you do? I've taken a long time to post. So, sue me.
just kidding.

Let's take a step back in time---say almost a month ago, and relive the magic we experienced in Boston. Here are a TON of pictures. Don't feel like you need to relive the magic of EACH ONE, feel free to just scroll down fast and be proud that I had the patience to upload all of these. Do I do it for your viewing pleasure? Sure. (you'd be amazed how many I DIDN'T put up!)

With out further adeu, I give you the CITY of BOSTON.
Highlights from the day---Our professional Bostonian guide, aka Kemy (used to be resident of Boston), said that we MUST do a Duck Tour. WE HEARTed the DUCK TOUR. Best decision ever. It was a great overview of the entire city at large. Awesome. Most of these pictures are from that tour. Thanks, doll-Kem-face.

Matilda with a full tummy, ready to get out of the warm car and wait for our tour to start.
We like this little girl. A lot.

family shot in the COLD! I wanted to make sure people knew Tillie was, in fact, a girl. We succeeded.

Happy to be on the tour, but uncool that the tour helper lady said to make sure NOT to get the seat
directly behind the driver. Too bad those were the last "indoor" seats available.
Oh well, it was that or the back of the bus/truck/doo-dah with frost bite.

Halocaust memorial. Those glass monuments represent 6 smoke stacks. It was amazing, b/c upon further inspection (when we were walking around) there were numbers of the prisoners etched in the glass. Beautiful.
Look it up online to see the incredible detail.

the Boston Public Garden with Paul Revere riding through.

***disclaimer!!!**** now, these next ones---uhhh, I don't know what historic building each is
(gimme a break, everything over there was historic. seriously.
but, we thought these were some great shots that Aaron & I took---mostly Aaron though.
Remember I had the babe in arms?).

****we're back. Okay, this was HILARIOUS. I guess that Boston kids are able to sign up for free sailing lessons
for only $1 with all access the entire summer long (or something like that)---well, here we are almost ready to hit
them! The driver of our "duck" was letting everyone who wanted to get behind the wheel and putter along in the river
and have a photo op. Well, guess who wasn't paying attention! hA!!! Those kids were freaking out!
Loved it. See the terror below.

Okay, the Duck Tour was over. Now we are just going around town by ourselves.
Here I am in front of the very FIRST restaruant in America.
Did we go in? No. But, everyone loves food. I wanted to represent.
Go America. Go restaurants. Go me.

outdoor fruit market. pretty colors.
let's play "Where's Waldo?" but instead, change it to "Where's Melissa?" (see above)
---10 points to whoever finds me first. Good idea, Aaron.

great little pizza place in Little Italy. SUPER cheap food and SUPER delcious.
They are so good that they only are open from 11-2 p.m. When people can do that, it's gotta mean good, right? right.
It was. Aaron, what was the name of it? We liked it so much we went back on our way to the airport to come home. Good eats.

Across the street we find the infamous MIKE'S PASTRY. We heard from multiple sources that we HAD to go. So, we did. It was delicious. It was "cash only". I only had a $10 bill and it was a crazy line---so, I called Aaron in for backup. Got more cash and then I got a great stash.

Pictured below: Chocolate creme canoli (ok, not awesome), Peanut Butter Brownie (good), Choc. Eclaire (incredible).
Oh, and for Aaron? I got him a strawberry shortcake.
(Remember how he doesn't like chocolate?
And, yes, I know what you are thinking---I happily ate most of the the other three. Not in one sitting, mind you.
But close. Let's just say, someone's tummy did not feel good after that.
Wow, good food is always worth it. Am I right?) See picture below.

Awesome balloon hat that I want at my next birthday party. Or for my Christmas present.
Either works.

me in my favorite store, ever. Paper Source. love it. want to marry it.
(and aaron too! duh.) boston gets to have about 5 stores while I have none in San Antonio. sob.

random beautiful photo again:

this girl (see below) looked like she was getting her senior portraits done. for true. Aaron and I thought about me laying down too and having Aaron take MY senior portraits too. But, I was cold. Didn't feel like laying down on the cold ground.
Sorry. These ones will have to do.

Let's be honest, how many people have their "senior pix" with their baby's stroller in it too?
Yeah, I was THAT lucky.

lucky in love.

darling kick, dear.

just some boston apartments. so pretty. can you imagine living in one of these?
i kind of can, but then kind of can't.
WOW. Pretty rad.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. Boston trip: Day two.


Rebecca Snyder said...

Yes! I love being the first to comment. Especially with such a rockin post! Seriously dude you three are hot stuff. You are livin' the dream-- (reference to Christmas of 05). Check your e-mail, my real comment is there. Lots of love.

Kristen said...

Ok, great minds think alike. I was totally thinking the "Where's Waldo/Melissa? thing when I clicked on the pic, and then when I read it, you had that in the description. haha
I love that you gave props to the orange pepper. They are so beautiful and delicious. I want one of those eclairs! I will have to remember it when I go to Boston.

Did you notice in one of your pictures there was a billboard sign that said "You're not bored...Your're boring." Nice manners! hah
And I love the senior pics. You guys are great and your pictures are breathtaking.

lizzy said...

okay you are next to the dude that is so confused that you are taking a picture of the outdoor food market!!! ha i love it!! i will do a real comment in a minute i am not done with the post yet!!

love Aunt Lizzy!

Heather's Books said...

I love Boston, it is one of my favorite places to vist...We have even contemplated moving there.

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh I forgot to tell you. When you posted the where's melissa picture, I had already found you before I even read the caption. That's when you know you are real sisters.

Lili said...

Hi Melissa! I'm glad you found my blog, because that makes me find your blog! I've decided that blogs are a great way of keeping-in-touch-ish with friends. And if one leaves a comment from time to time, it's even more like being in touch :)

1- CUTE baby!
2- I love your Boston photos and that settles it: I MUST go to Boston--soon!

Tim and Melissa said...

Melis, have I told you lately how absolutely entertaining you are? I love to read anything you write. Always a good time! Congrats on a successful Boston trip - finally!

Russ and Nat said...

I have to ask you where you got your absolutely cutest ever hat?? Please don't tell me you crocheted it???

Janine Padilla said...

Love all the pictures!! Sigh... I miss that city. I agree with you about the paper store. They have the best little shops. You just can't find that here. And MIKE's PASTRY yum. I'm drooling as I write. Looks like a blast!!


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