Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a whole lotta smiles.

we've been taken lots of pictures around here. Yes, what else is new?
but, when you have such a willing and FUN subject, can you blame me?

But, the real reason I am posting these is because I have had some angry sisters complaining that I have posted any new ones of Tillie in a while. So, here we go.

love this face. hA!

enough camera time, mom!

***these next ones were taken on the day of her 6 month appointment (even though she was a week away from being 7 months!) She got her shots and we found out her stats. She weighed in at 14 lb. 12 oz. (30th percentile, for those who care) and then 26" long (60th percentile). And, of course, the doctor thought she was adorable. But we all knew that.

a wink shot. remember this one?

i love this one.

I redid some things in my room, and this happened to be one of them. This is my charm board. The girls in my family collect charms from all major events/times in life. I found this bulletin board for $8 at the Pottery Barn Outlet. Nice!

This is us mailing some holiday cards and such. We love going to the mailbox... well, matilda does at least. :) This happened to be on a cold day. Remember that today was 71 degrees? And it is the day before Thanksgiving? yes, that is Texas for you.

we are getting excited for the BIG day tomorrow. Yes, Thanksgiving, of course. Be sure to stretch your stomachs tonight for tomorrow's feast. hA! that sounds appetizing.

hApPy tHaNkSgIvInG!


lizzy said...

Thank you!!! it has been so long!! she is always a doll no matter what even if she spits rice cereal at you! ha! i can't wait till you come!!!

love aunt lizzy

a pair of pettijohns said...

such the perfect way to end my thanksgiving eve. what a dolly - REALLY love those last few. enjoy your first thanksgiving with your darling little turkey :)

emily snyder said...

LOVE these!! LOVE the charm bulletin board!! LOVE the beautiful letters you sent out. i really need to work on my handwriting some more. i was thinking about your "m's" the other day - random, i know.

happy turkey day. i hope you guys had so much fun!

love, me

Rebecca Snyder said...

hey dude. just caught up on the blog. Favorite picture of all: tillie with the envelope to the Snyder clan. Cutest pic in the entire world. Let the countdown begin until we will all meet again in utah!

Melissapher said...

What fun photos!! She has such an infectious smile.

Kristen said...

do you get some of your charms at James Avery? That was like the coolest thing to have in middle school was a charm bracelet from there and a thousand charms. I still have mine. That is sweet. I was just at the PB outlet and got stockings for the kids for $7.50 each. Love those cute stockings.

melody said...

GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! your littlle girl is FARR to adorable!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so happy! So happy that I use double r's :).i am way excited for ya'll to come!(that "ya'll was just for you Melissa:) See ya later!


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