Friday, November 14, 2008

winner, winner! chicken dinner?

more like a TURKEY dinner! :)

dear Katie Spear... YOU HAVE WON!!!

I went to and used their integer generator to choose between 1 and 24 (24 comments, not to shabby, people!) AND it chose #18 and you were the 18th comment...
YOU won!

Neat. This kind of thing is fun!
Let's do it again some day, okay? Good plan.

Katie, email me to let me know your address and I'll get those sent off tomorrow! (Because today we are going camping!)

Okay, this weekend is the mighty weekend where we will play that fun game called KETCHUP!
I mean CATCH UP.

hA! I kill myself.


Katie said...

What!! You are kidding me right???! I never win anything. Yea!! I'm not sure I have your e-mail but I'll look for it and give you my address. If I can't find it do you mind e-mailing me at SO EXCITED!!!

Katie said...

I found your e-mail. Check your inbox. Thanks again!

Kristen said...

And now you can add to your list of things you need to blog- our camping trip. But talk it up and don't mention all the crappy things about it, and that we all left at 9:30AM. Sad! Next time we will go when there is no cold front.


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