Wednesday, December 3, 2008

crowns. show and tell.

So, I've been making a bunch of different crowns for the last few months.
Why? Because I wanted to.
They've mostly been for little kiddo birthday presents and the sort.

Matilda and I have been staring at each other all day---and although she is great, she really doesn't care about things like this... yet!
So, whether or not YOU care, it's show and tell time.

Recently, some of my friends and their family members have asked me to create some crowns for their little princesses' Christmas. So, I did. They were pretty fun to make. Here's some pictures of the latest three. I hope Princess Caroline, Emily and Lucy like them!

ok, ok. and who can forget the future QUEEN of ALL? Presenting, again, for yet another appearance, Princess Tillie Mae.

"can I get a what?! what?! hollllah!"
(these were some of the out-takes from that photo shoot---i had to post. sorry.)

this one her face isn't entirely in focus, and yes, that is the camera strap,
but I love her face in this one.
who am I kidding? i love her face in all of them. You do too. I know.

AND! I would certainly be UNGRATEFUL if I didn't mention what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had!!! We went over to the Jessop's again (remember this year? look how tiny Dylan is?!?).
It was laid back and wonderful---just like I like it. Of course, tons of food was to be had, just like it should be. We loved it and love that we have such great friends who have become our family while we enjoy our time in Tejano-ville. Here are a few pictures Aaron snapped. Too bad we didn't get very many, or a big group shot---but these are the few we have!

Dylan (who was a baby in the link two years ago! and such a DOLL with these little babies!), Easton (about 5ish months, right? melis?) and tillie mae (7 months). Easton and Matilda look so similar! It is crazy!

some of the delicious food! And there was more too!! WOW!

awesome shot of our family. hA! are we full or what?!

and the happy baby!

man, I wish we had other pictures, but alas, this is it. We do, however, have a 5 minute video clip that includes most of the fun guests---so we'll have THAT memory forever. :)

HaPpY ThAnKsGiVinG and now MeRrY ChRisTmaS!!


Tyler and Erin said...

I love those crowns!! So cute and fun! I can't believe how big tillie is getting. I swear she was just born a month ago.

lizzy said...

okay i love how tillie mae looks SO full and she probably didn't even have anything except rice cereal! love it! i can't wait until ya'll come!! (i can use tejas slang too because i have family there) right!!!??

love aunt lizzy

erin said...

Cute little crowns, and I like that picture of all the food... I want more of your fruit salad! Haha.

emily snyder said...

we don't get to see the video clip??
even if you are full, you all look fabulous! why is tillie the cutest girl in the WoRlD!?!?!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I'm glad that you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I love the crowns...such a fun idea.

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my goodness goshin golly. Darling crowns. I am glad we got take 2 of the Tillie specialness 1/2 birthday. It is so fun that she gets to wear real clothes! Yesterday I was looking for some cute little outfit for her in the Old City- didn't go so well. Little Arab outfits have more embellishment than fabric. And it is usually a nasty little cartoon character- not so sweet on precious Tillie Mae. We will see how it goes. Love you. 15 more days!

elements: overexposed said...

Wow! You have been one busy gal...and hello, I mean HELLO, I LOVE the little crowns. I think I might need to put an order in, how much notice do you need? There is a special birthday coming up for one of my dollies. If I call you in the next couple of days, will you answer? I know you are one busy hermana! Glad you had such a fab Thanksgiving! Will you be going home for the other Holidays?

Tillie Mae is a cutie, tell her hello from us.


Jordan & Jandee said...

love the crowns and Tillie is so darling, can't wait to see her at the Christmas Party!


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