Sunday, July 1, 2007

bbq and pool-side delights

So, I just want you to all be impressed that I have posted more entries in the last week than I have ever done in my entire life.

yes, you are welcome.

let freedom ring. If this isn't country pride, then I don't know what is. I was at WalMart (a true American treat) and wanted to buy a flag. As I was selecting the flag of my choice, Aaron pops around the aisle to notify me that we not only have a flag, but one that was flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. I love that I married an Eagle Scout! So, is the flag. Long may she wave on our front porch without blowing off in the wind!

A little trivia for honor of Summer AND my 2nd favorite holiday, the 4th of July.
I posted this on the Primary Newsletter this month. Here it is:
The longest frankfurter ever was cooked at a summer cookout in 1999. How long was it?
7 feet 8 inches, 26 feet 2 inches, 13 feet 4 inches

Take a stab at it. I'll put the answer at the bottom of this post. Prepare to be amazed.

Yesterday Aaron and I felt like we were a "Real" family when we started cleaning out the garage, found shelves at Lowe's for better storage solutions, looked at pots and flowers in the gardening section (and then quickly decided that we aren't responsible enough to keep anything alive), then came home and hooked up the infamous propane tank on our bbq, (we have waited over a year ! to purchase that darn tank!). We also got fresh cherries at the supermarket and some fun things for our first bbq that evening.

We both looked at each other after the perfect day and said, "Is this what real life is like?" If so, we love it. We loved being able to work together and do projects on the house and then have fun with friends that night. It was good. Really really good.

Kip, Kajsa, and cute Jaylie in our pool. Take a look at Jaylie's cute little swimsuit! Too fun! And do you love our pool cover hanging over the fence?
And I love our sunflowers, it makes a nice backdrop for the "family portrait".

Aaron and fun Dylan. I think Aaron has found his new best friend. There was tons of room to throw the kids around. They were the perfect size for the pool.

I (melissa) was the photo taker...just picture my head where that blue ball is, okay? good. See! Look how much ROOM we have! Room a plenty.

Anyway, it was a really fun day. So, I thought you might want to see and hear about it.

Oh! and the answer to the hot dog trivia? Okay, here 'tis.
The answer is 13 feet, 4 inches! The humongous hot dog was created in West Homestead, Pennsylvania to honor National Hot Dog day on July 20, 1999. Pass the mustard! (Taken from Time out for Kids)

I think that last part, "Pass the mustard!" is my favorite part. fyi.


marc & michelle said...

How proud am I?! You win the prize for the most posts this week! I love, love, love it! I'll try to do better this week!

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

You guys sure know how to throw a party. That was sooo much fun!!

Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

Long story short... I found y'all from Scott's blog to jordan's blog to here. Sorry for intruding but I had to say hi, Hope all is well "Deep in the heart of Texas" Oh yeah, congrats on being a new second year D. student... 1 down and who knows how many to go...

Later friends....

Brian Evans

Check us out at

marc & michelle said...


You're right..I've been slacking...Major! But I am back in full force and with several posts! Check us out!!! :)

michelle's been crazy, I'll call you in a few.


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