Saturday, July 21, 2007

details, details...

So, I was just looking at pictures on my family's computer of old pictures. I came across these photos from a little bit over a year ago. Yes, we have lived in Texas for longer than a year. Holy Cow. Strange, I know. Here are just a few pictures I found of us right before the move and when we arrived in San Antonio.

gettin' ready to move down to texas! (my sister Becca, me, Aaron, and his little bro. tyler).

look at how naive we were, we had no idea it would take THAT long (well, at least I didn't).

me & becca on the riverwalk

tyler and aaron...same picture posed spot

Topic Change: So, I just read that last post for the first time. Umm...remember how I didn't even give the link to my melimba blog? yeah, sorry. details...these are the things I forget most days.

This is the link to my other blog.

Well, our Utah trip is coming to an end. We leave today. I am writing this post on our family's computer in the room we call "the scrapbook room"--but, do we EVER scrapbook in this room? no, never. This is the desk I wrote all of those high school and jr. high papers from. This is where I first learned about the internet and would LOVE sneaking in here to sign on to that hotmail chat thing. I was pretty much addicted and when I would get in trouble, my parents would take away computer "chat" privileges.

Ahhh...those were the days.

Anyway, it has been a good little trip. We love being home. We love seeing our families and friends and just hanging out. Thanks for all of the fun, team Utah.

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marc and michelle said...

I sure loved seeing you! We'll miss you, but look forward to an early morning walk in September?! :) You truly are the funnest girl. Thanks for spending sometime with me and the girls.


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