Monday, July 30, 2007

watch out for our tiger!

whoa! I wouldn't want to mess with this tough guy. (whoo whoo! hot bod, by the way!)

why would he be making this face? please, read on.
Alas, here we are...saving your eyes from reading my last post. Talk about way too much information from Melissa in ONE sitting. You were all nice to even attempt reading it...even though you didn't need to. And, thanks for the well wishes in the seminary department. They are much needed. :)

Anyway, on a more pressing matter... I am sure you are wanting to know the reason as to why my "usually delightful" husband would be making such a "i'm gonna tear out your liver with my teeth" face. Get a load of this: Yeah, this was our welcome home party. You know, the one our pool threw for us upon our return home from Utah.

Apparently, when there is a lot of rain the pool throws up. Eghwww. Sick imagery, but I'm pretty sure that is what happened.

However, I am proud to announce that our pool is on the "up and up" (i love that phrase). After a Saturday morning filled with Aaron scraping out the DISGUSTING - algae filled - mosquito larvae infested - slimy - stinky - abyss (while I so dutifully sprayed the hose, making sure not to get anything on my freshly washed jeans), the pool is looking much better.

Who knew something could be so gross in such a small amount of time? Not I. Anyway, it is ready to be filled and chlorinated...for a second time this summer.

Whew! Who knew pools could be sooo much fun?!



Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

What a sad sight to come home to, but Aaron needed a project, right? Just kidding. Love the picture of Aaron!

koryandkatie said...

Hey Melissa! It's so fun to read about what you guys are up to! Your cards and drawings are sooo cute!! You're amazing! I added your blog link and your Melimba one to ours, hope that's okay!!!


Cassie said...

Great! Now I feel like half the man I used to after seeing Aaron with his shirt off. That's the parasympathetic that makes you pee your pants in scary situations, right?
Good luck with the seminary teaching Melissa! I did it for a semester, and it was a full-time job! Hope to see you guys soon!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, you crack me up! I need to check this out more often!!! I'm so glad that you were able to avoid getting any of the "nastiness" on your jeans!!! Isn't this such a fun way to keep in touch? I love your other site too, your cards are darling, you're so talented!!! Definitely adding your link to my blog!!!!

marc and michelle said...

Happy Birthday...birthday girl! Hope you a have a great one filled with seminary meetings. :) Only joking. I hope you have a fun day. Let us know how it goes and if aaron and you have any fun outings on this day of your birth. Blog it. :)


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