Monday, July 9, 2007

let freedom ring...and mustaches that make me want to ...sing! (or puke, whatever).

uncle rico delivers.

oh, wait. maybe he's more like kip. either way i say, "GROSS."

I was trying to figure out a way to post LOTS of pictures and save on space. Now it is a disjointed mess. I apologize. Hey, I have lots more of these cute kiddos, but couldn't post them all. Parents, if you want any pictures, feel free to email me and I'd be glad to send them your way! :) Happy 4th of July!

Some of the pictures look all messed up... just click on it and it'll look better!

would you look at all these cute kids? and crazy adults? :) lucky for the pictures, the lighting was great because it was grey and wet! All of the cute little outfits were probably destroyed, but we had a fun time. Right? right.

Babcock engagment photo...with the camcorder. love it.


marc & michelle said...

Happy fourth of July! Looks like you guys were very festive. I love all the read, white, and blue...oh and the mustache too?! :)

Can't wait to talk to you someday soon! At least I have a guarantee to see you when you come, hooray!

Vintage said...
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Russ and Nat said...

Wow, Aaron has seriously reached a new level........shall we say he is definitely in the same category as: The Hulk, Mr. T and oh yes the Rico-nator!

Sarah said...

I found your blog through Michelle's - hope you don't mind. Looks like your life is going well and you are having a lot more fun than us in our life!


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