Thursday, July 12, 2007

check it

So here we are in utah. This is a picture of us sleeping. Look at how peaceful Utah is. Really peaceful.

Uh-huh... melissa accidentally spilled bleach on her collar and so it is her sleeping shirt.

We went and watched my nephew play baseball yesterday. I thought it was great cause i got to yell at the umpires a couple times (payback for all those years when I was the ump) and melissa felt really bad each time an 8 yr old struck out and had to walk back to the dugout with quiver lip.

Not really sure what we're doing today, but I'm sure it doesn't involve 1) anything to do with UTHSCSA 2) work of any kind and 3) mosquitos & crickets (San Antonio's gettin' taken over).

Oh yea, we are going to HP5 tonight.

Also... shout out to sarah craig for her uncharacteristic-non "bi-annual" update. We're all very proud. Oh, and congrats on getting the cast off.

Hopefully we can see some of you Utah people while we're here.

Adam and Ashley... you need a blog.


Three Girls & A Man said...

those cupcakes look yummy, and the picture of them look great also!

bryce & sarah said...

For you I will non-bi-anually blog anytime! Love you...tah. Glad you're having a great time here! You are welcome always. See you in the morn!


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