Saturday, July 14, 2007

melimba...and who doesn't like cupcakes?

enjoy the cupcakes I made for a work party the other day. they were quite delicious, if I do say so myself.

dear team,

so, i spent a morning and updated my *melimba* blog. I have an actual website for the company at
but there aren't tons of pictures of actual cards that are available. Alas, I posted a BUNCH on the *melimba* blog. Eventually, I am going to figure out a way for people to go to and automatically lead them to the melimba blog until I am really happy about the REAL layout for the website. You know? si. It is hard to figure out website coding and all that jazz...but Aaron did a good job for now.

Anyway, if you are curious to know what I've been up to, feel free to take a peek. And if you are interested in ordering anything, let me know. I'm excited, today I am going up to another store in SLC to make a big delivery. Fun fun fun.


Kristen said...

Ok, so I found you on Kajsa's page. Good stuff! You are so hilarious Melissa!

marc and michelle said...

I'm amazed by you! I am glad business is booming. The cupcakes...lets just say my mouth is watering. Well, I hope you are enjoying Lake powell...see you when you return. :)

The Basil's said...

Melissa! Hey, I saw your link on Michelle's blog! Love the Melimba thing, sorry I couldn't make it to the party when you were up here last, I was sort of just getting home from the hospital from having a baby-- lame I know. j/k, stop by our blog and check our pictures of our little one! Also, there is a link to pictures Nina took. Anyway, this is a lovely way to keep in touch with you all. Take care! Stefanie Basil

erin said...

OK, so I'll second Kristen... You are so funny Melissa! Great blog. Also, I think you should be a photographer for Martha Stewart or something! I want to eat those cupcakes!


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