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Spring Paloozah part 4- Easter & St. George, and the final wrap up

Well, believe it or not, our tale of the Spring Break Paloozah is coming to an end.  This is the final chapter.  Don't shed too many tears.  I'll catch you up sooner than later with all the things that have been going on since then.  
On this last post, we'll feature scenes from our travels to St. George with the kiddies for Easter/Lizzy's Spring Break, and random life up north with our darling families.  
(yes, I was a tour guide in a former life... or not.)

We celebrated Easter in St. George.  It was great.
Lizzy was my videographer.  She was taking her job very seriously, while trying to assist Calvin.
Once Cal figured out what was IN the eggs---it was all over.  That's my boy.
I asked my mom to take a pic of me with the kids... this is what we ended up with.  Thanks, mom.  :)
Gotta love these happy faces.
Nana is always so good to get the kids little treatsies and fun gifts to celebrate holidays.
Calvin was in literal heaven playing in the little hot tub.  I mean, look at his face!

Easter Sunday posin' up on the rocks.  

Playing with papa.

Playing in the sand up in Snow Canyon.

Found some awesome samples at JoAnns for only $2/each.  They were discontinuing their special ordering, so we grabbed up our favorite ones to make into pillows!

Speaking of fabric, look at what we found for a new baby quilt!  I love the game where I get to choose the fabrics and my mom will sew it up into a darling little quilt.  Great game.  Thanks, mom.  I'm a huge fan of the colors and designs we found.

Finally finished the painting that us daughters started two years ago.  When you only work on it for an hour once every 11 months.  :)  It used to be a print of a portion of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.  We taped off the frame, slapped gesso on top, and started painting flowers.  Sorry, Michelangelo.  
With a different light...
What it looked like all hung up in the bedroom.  Kind of fun.

Playing in water...

Downtown St. George at the Splash Pad.  Thanks to Instagram, I saw that my great pal, Liz, happened to be there hanging out with her boys.  It was fun to see them!  

On the way back up north... Cal discovered the joy of getting fuzzies out from between your toes.  Tillie used to be obsessed with this phenomenon.  Remember?  
Gotta love DVDs in the car.  Amazing invention.

::: Back up north, we packed in more fun.  Warning, it's all pretty random, but worth mentioning.
Lizzy is quite the beautician, and volunteered to give me a pedicure.  I love that sister of mine... AND her mad skillzzzzzz.
If there is a trampoline in the picture, Cal and Tillie will want to jump.  Forever, if you'd let them.
hanging out with the camera, sending our best to Aaron back in Tejas....
Calvin loved playing the game Pretty Pretty Princess.  This was, yet another photo, we sent to Aaron in Texas.
Kneaders chicken panini... something I used to dream about being away.  But, I don't know if the magic is gone or what, but it wasn't as "dreamy" as I remembered.  Good, but not AMAZING like I remembered.  
Cafe Rio's chicken salad?  Always better than I remembered.  

Dinner with Starr cousins, Grandma, and Grandpa... Aaron came back in time to get in on the action.  We love G&G's new mini picnic table!  They are in the middle of remodeling the kitchen upstairs, so we got to eat dinner in the basement.  It was awesome and we had a GRAND time!  Everything is better with family!
Little did we know that Grandma had made a peach cobbler and threw an early little party for Tillie's birthday!  It was awesome!  Too bad my phone/camera died RIGHT as she was getting ready to blow out the candles and open her gift!!  Such a fun surprise!

Lucky for us, Great Grandma Petty came into town before we left back to Texas.  It was fun to see her for a minute.  Tillie whipped up a drawing for her before she left.  Calvin was less than thrilled to take these next pictures, as you can see... but I really wanted a photo with these lovely ladies!  
I took a photo of myself at 20 weeks pregnant.  I couldn't believe I was already so big---and the thought of my belly getting three times that size (or there-about) seems ridiculous. Amazing!
Grandma Sycamore's white bread.  It's probably a good thing we don't have that here in Texas.  It is the best bread ever.

We went to my friend's farm (incredible Jandee) while in Utah.  It's amazing there.  The kids had a ball searching for eggs, petting the animals, and playing with friends.  What the life!?

I love this face of Calvin saying, "huh??"  He had no fear when it came to the animals... unlike his mother  and sister.  
cute cousins all in a row.
Thank you, Jandee!  You are the bomb!!

My parents were in the process of remodeling their downstairs family room... (yes, it was remodel central for both sets of our parents while we were there)!  Anyway, I am IN LOVE with the blue paint my mom bravely chose for the room.  I took a few different pictures at different times in the day to show the color.  This paint color might find it's way into a future home of mine one day.

Again, trampoline time is always a good time.  I loved the light outside, so I took LOTS of jumping pics.  

That same night, Uncle Jesse happened to come down for a quick visit before we left.  We were pretty thrilled to see him again.  For the record, that boy is darling with the kids.
"pigeon toed, dosey doe..." jk, jesse.  I love this next one.

The next day, the kids and I embarked on our flight sans Aaron (he had to come back earlier than us for work).  I was worried about how they'd do (as I always worry) but this trip was the best of our entire lives!  The lady at the ticket counter offered to check our carry-ons for free instead of making me lug them up to the gate like we always do.  My mom was able to go through security with us and walk us up to the gate.  And, amazingly enough, 20 minutes into the flight they both ZONKED out!  Amazing!  That NEVER happens.  You can be sure that I was saying prayers of gratitude the entire time.  Their naps lasted pretty much the entire flight.  Heaven was indeed smiling down on us.  What a blessing!  I can imagine in a few short months, flying with a newborn it won't be as "easy".  

And that, my friends, was the perfect ending to the wonderful trip.
The end.

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emily snyder said...

hooray!!! THANK YOU - i have realized that i love your blog because i so miss you guys! i miss the little details of life. so thank you for sharing all the random moments!


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