Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day, 2012

Sometimes there are long nights, long days, feelings of inadequacy, frustration, worry, and exhaustion... but all that pales in comparison to the happiness and sweet joy that these two crazies bring me.  They teach me to be more spontaneous, more fun, more patient, to be a better listener, a harder worker, and a better mother.
They are my world and I couldn't ask for more.

I'm so happy to have two shining examples that make it all look so easy and help me put the pieces of my life in perspective... my sweet mother-in-law, who called me yesterday just to check in and say "Boo" (as she calls it) and let me know she was thinking about us.  The other example is my mom... who emailed 6 different emails in the middle of the night coming up with awesome ideas for our new house.  :)  She kills me.  I love how much she truly cares about all seemingly dorky details of my life.

To the sisters in my life (sis-in-laws included), I'm so happy to have them to help me remember who I was, who I am, where I am going, and where I want to be.  They, too, have helped mother my two children and me.

While we're doing shout-outs, I'm especially grateful to Aaron.  He is unfailingly receptive to my needs/wants/concerns/desires and will hold me through my breakdowns, my brainstorms, and my successes.

There is so much good that is surrounding me, I sometimes feel I might burst with happiness.
I'm so glad I'm here.
that toe point pictured below? yeah, she gets all her good dance moves from me.  like mother, like daughter.

 I'm headed off to the store this week to find good paper to print this on.  It's a pretty solid representation of how I feel about my family.

To all you mothers, future or current, hope today is a good one.

MELIS - great post.

I thought since it was mother's day, I'd just say "boo" real quick on our blog.  As everyone who reads this knows, melissa is the kind of mom/wife you don't even think exists in real life. She makes every day and everything we do as a family amazing. I can't imagine or fathom or whatever it is anyone else who could be more fun to be around. Thanks for 7 or so good years so far honey. Here's to many more! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


elements: overexposed said...

oooooohhhhhh I LOVE this! I especially love the saying at the end! Love you Mama Wood! xo

emily snyder said...

dearest miss and aaron - thank you for teaching and reminding me what life is all about. aaron,thank you for loving my sis in such a perfectly beautiful way. some day i want to be like you guys.


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