Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Break Paloozah---part THREE (California, Utah, and random fun in between)

On our last day in California, we headed straight for the beach.  We had an afternoon flight to catch, so we made sure to bring extra clothes and a lot of wet wipes for a "sponge bath" of sorts.  The kids loved it, as predicted.  Here are some (a lot of) pictures to prove it:
It was pretty fun to watch Calvin in the sand (who hasn't really had a lot of "sand time" in his life)---he just kept laughing and saying, "Whoa! Whoa!" with every step.
I love this next two of Tillie.  She is just so happy here.
California, you are a magical place.  Thanks for letting us come for a whirlwind trip!

::: Back in Utah, we got to hang out with our families... and that is always the highlight.  These first ones are at Grandma & Grandpa Wood's house.  Gotta love their garden!  Grandma even let Tillie and Cal help plant some peas.  
Jumping on the trampoline with some of the little neighbor boys and Daddy-o...
::: Can you believe that it snowed in April?  Of course.  Utah.  Gotta love it.  Nana was joking with the kids that she was going to throw them in the snow.  Tillie didn't think she would.  And, really, she didn't.  But she got their feet wet.  It was funny.
I love this little cedar play house we saw at Costco and want to buy it for my own.  The kids were fans too. 
The kids would go to bed wasted most nights.  I love watching them sleep.  

::: Speaking of sleep, Tillie got to sleep over at her Lydia's house (her darling cousin) with another awesome cousin, Max.  It was so much fun for her.  We met them the next morning in downtown SLC at the new Cedar Creek delight.  It was fun to see what all the buzz was about---and of course, to hang out with darling cousins!
Aaron and his mom look a lot alike, in my opinion.  Here Aaron is being super tricky sticking his foot in the fountain but not getting wet.  His mom is very impressed with her son's mad skills, I'm sure.
Tillie and Lydia were cute twinners.  Aunt Steph even did their hair the same way.  Now that is awesome.

::: On another day in SLC, we went up to the new Natural History Museum up by the University of Utah.  It was a really cool place with awesome displays.  The kids had fun running from place to place (per their usual) with Aunt Lizzy and Nana 'Nise.  

::: Driving in the car on our way from the museum to find our favorite Uncle Jesse at work!!  (I thought Tillie looked pretty darling in the outfit she picked out all by herself, so I snapped a picture.)
Did I mention how much I love that Jesse lives back in the states... in Utah, no less?  The kids were thrilled to see him.

::: Here's one of the big paintings I did for my final show back at BYU.  This one is probably my favorite.  My parents are re-doing their basement family room (and painted the walls a beautiful blue color!) and we had my painting pulled out to see how it might look.  So, I snapped a pic for your viewing pleasure.  And to remember that I need to paint more florals in my life.

::: One night we were able to go out with a bunch of our friends to dinner---SUSHI.  I know, I know.  That's never been on my "I totally want to try that food" list, but alas, we went and I ordered... not sushi.  :)  In fact, I didn't even try Aaron's cooked sushi rolls (or whatever the terminology is).  Here's a group shot I got on my phone.  Too bad there are so many creepy glowing eyes in this picture.  Darn flash.  But, the others I took were too dark, so that's the story. The food was good but it took WAAAAAY too long to get it (I think we were there ALMOST 4 hours.  I kid you not.  Luckily, we had good company.
It was a lovely time.  After dinner we went over to Mark & Bekah's new place in Sandy and stayed for a LOOONG time chatting.  It was wonderful being with people who know you inside and out, as it always is.  Thanks, friends.
Yes, that is my husband hopping around from place to place at the table.
Can you guess which plate is mine and which is Aaron's?  

One more post to go and you will have lived through the rest of our Spring Break trip.  Don't you feel as if you were right there living through it all with us?  I know.  Me too. 

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