Monday, May 14, 2012

good times with our friend, Ben Folds!

If you follow me on Instagram---a lot of these things will seem repetitive.  And for that, I apologize.  But, honestly, I think the ability to upload quick photos and captions suits me quite well... and I end up posting often in that format.  With the blog, you have to think.  And, let's be honest, we all know that the act of "thinking" is hard for me.
However, I'll persevere... b/c I really enjoy the whole concept of taking a time out and talking/thinking about life.
How lucky for us all.
I kid.
Enough chit chat.
Let's talk about the kind of gross lighting above with the strawberries and Hershey's HUGS.  I made it up myself (this combo) and I've decided to call it the Redneck version of chocolate dipped strawberries.  Take a bite of your strawberry, pop in a HUG, and you are all set.
I should trademark the idea or something b/c I'm certain it's going to be a hit.

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We purchased tickets to see the INCREDIBLE Ben Folds months ago---but when we got back from Utah... had Tillie's birthday two days later, then her party two days later---it was surprising to realize that Ben's (yes, we're on a first name basis) concert would be the following evening!  Luckily, we were able to get one of our favorite babysitters (she is great with our kids) and went out on the town!

Unfortunately, I had the hankering for Arby's on the way... so we searched on our phones for a location on our way and decided to pull off (I love our new phones).  Yes, Arby's roast beef sandwich IS delicious.

Bad news... it had been shut down!  No way!  That 10 minute detour was going to cost us!  I told Aaron, let's just stop somewhere else and get back on the freeway.  Mr. Navigation-Man insisted that he'd find me an Arby's (what a good man) and said if we took some side roads, we'd come upon another Arby's in a few minutes and still be in good shape.  I was nervous we were going to be late, but hello, I love Arby's, so I agreed with Aaron.
(this was the image in my mind's eye)
You'll never believe it.  This one had gone under too!  CLOSED FOREVER! Whaaat?!  Are Texans not supporting their local Arby's?  I was almost in tears... and now I was sure we were going to be late!!  We found a Wendy's on the way to the freeway and quickly pulled through.  It ended up being delicious, but there was a little hole in my heart for the Roast Beef sandwich I had been craving.

Anyway, we are cruising down the freeway and start pulling off at the Verizon center---which Aaron had assumed the concert was at with minutes to spare---only to find that the place was a ghost town!  No cars anywhere!  Uh oh.  Are you seeing a theme to our evening?
We quickly pulled up the concert info online (yet another reason why I love our new phones) and realized we still had 20 minutes to travel.  We'd be late FOR SURE.
And, late we were.
Poor Becca was already there with our tickets waiting for us.  So, we had her go inside to hear the first bit.  Unfortunately, at this point, I really needed to use the bathroom (thank you, pregnancy) so I literally RAN to the bathroom and we finally found Becca in time to hear the third song.
Reliving those details makes me tired.  You too?  Wow.
Anyway, the concert was amazing.  He played with the Ft. Worth Symphony and it was beautiful.  Ben Folds is a talented man, I'll tell you that much.  We sang along, we danced, it was a wonderful evening (minus the trauma in getting there!).
Here's a picture I took of Aaron at Intermission.  He looks kind of menacing here, but I assure you, he was elated to be here.  He's a big fan and I think secretly wishes he WAS Ben Folds.
 Look how close we were to the stage!  This picture was taken from our seats!
 Sorrry, bad picture, but hello.  There he is.  In the flesh.  Good times.
 We didn't want to be silly and take pictures by the stage during intermission, so we opted to take them AFTER the concert.  We're cool like that.  
All in all, it was a fantastic evening and I was so happy that I got to share the fun with my husband and darling sissy, Becca-face.
Good times in Texas.  Good times, indeed.

Now I'm off to find an Arby's.  Wish me luck.  I think I'm going to need it.

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