Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 19th, 2012---a bittersweet day

May 19, 2012.... I've had this date on my mind for months... Not just because it was one of my BFF's birthday (happy birthday, rachy!), but because this was the day the International Spring Quilt Market was happening in Kansas City.  I knew about this day clear back in November when we found out Kokka wanted to print our designs and have them ready for Spring's market.

I circled the date and planned life around it, because I knew it would be a busy time getting everything ready.  Welp, alas, we found out a few months ago that the fabric wouldn't be ready in time for Spring's market.  Which, in reality, was okay (albeit sad) because Tillie would be having her first ever dance recital on May 19th.

So, even though I was longing to be at the quilt market ushering in our new fabric line, I was thrilled to have the chance to see my darling four year old flutter around the stage.

It was magical to see her up there on the little stage.
She was so happy.
She was so confident.
It was one of those perfect memories that will always be ingrained in my memory (of course I got teary eyed).
All in all, it was a great day and I was reminded, once again, there is NO WHERE I'd rather be.

Here are the pictures (let me warn you, I did not say a word, I just clicked the shutter. she came up with all these moves and poses ALL on her own. and per usual, I have too many favorites, so enjoy all 5,000 of them!):


At the recital...
I was wondering how Cal would do during the performance, but luckily, he was GLUED to the stage. He loved it and was so pleased when he found Tillie up there!
Our cute friends, Cora & Jordan.  They are sisters and their darling mom told us about this dance class when we first moved here.  I was secretly jealous that Tillie didn't get a soft pink costume like they had... more classic.  Oh well.  They all had fun and looked darling in their different dances!  Plus, Tillie's dance was a poppy "Tiki Room" number, so her outfit went great with the song.  
 Even Aunty Becca was able to come up for the big recital!  We LOVE having Becca here!  She's such a novelty in our lives!!  (she even brought Tillie a little bouquet of flowers.  so sweet!)
 Our attempts at a family photo...
and a few more attempts at a legit family photo.  Oh well.
Good times in the Wood household.  Good times, indeed.

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becca said...

Wow that Tillie is such a natural. I can't believe how many facial expressions she has! Thanks for the shout-out. Those pictures outside actually turned out pretty good. Cute little fam!


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