Saturday, October 1, 2011

we are here! we are here! we are here!

If you are familiar with the movie, Horton Hears a Who, then you'll be able to re-read the title of this post again PROPERLY.
What? Haven't seen this movie?  Feel free to watch the first few seconds of this clip:

Since it is Conference time and I'm hearing good analogies, I'll give you my take.  Lately, I feel just like the Mayor of Who-ville.  I've really wanted to do a blog post.  I told my sister a few days ago, "We've got to make some noise! They don't believe we are here!  We are here! We are here! We are here!"

We, in fact, made it to Dallas.  It's a little strange to think we've been here for just over two weeks.  Overall, it's been a terrific.  Let's talk about some high lights and low lights:

::: Remember the whole housing renting stress---had we picked the right house?  How would we "cope" without all the charm of that historic one?  Well, since we came into this house I can emphatically say "YES! We made the right decision!" We're are happily surprised at how much we LOVE this house.  There is just so much breathing room.  There is so much natural light here.  Good space.  The kids love it.  Aaron loves it.  And, Becca loves it too, b/c she has her own room.

::: Did you know that little Becca-dear is here with us?  Oh yes she is.  Did I fail to mention that my sister came down the night before our big move to help us load up, clean up, move to Dallas, unpack, and get us settled?  She has been such a great help and I love having her as my life assistant, friend, dance partner, nanny, caregiver, chef, creative collaborator, and I'm so glad she could come.  She is on the hunt for an AWESOME job here in Texas (I'm especially pulling for the Dallas area, duh!) and we're all rooting hard that she'll find something great so she can stay by my side forever.  Let's all start crossing our fingers for her----and, hello, if you know of a great job for her (graphic + web design) give us a holler.  STAT.  

::: We are slowly but surely getting settled in.  I told Becca that I think we'll be ready to start putting up decorations on the wall next week.  Tillie keeps having moments where she talks about missing her San Antonio house and her little friends and I think if we had some things up on the wall and start tackling little fun projects that will help keep her pre-occupied.  Overall, she's done surprisingly well in the transition.  
Love Tillie's fake smile and Cal's super short tie.  Too cute.

::: Calvin is a fickle pickle.  Remember how I used to talk about about what a PERFECT baby he was?  Well, I'll stand by that statement forever.  Calvin was a PERFECT baby.  Slept well, ate well, was happy and content, easy cheesy.  As time wears on and this baby turns into a TODDLER, it's amazing to see the transformation.  Let's just say, Calving isn't as "easy cheesy" anymore.  Yes, he is what I wrote above, "a fickle pickle".  One minute he is sharing a Cheetoh with his sister and giving her hugs and kisses, the next he is hitting and pulling someone's hair (mine included) or sobbing about some injustice (remember these pictures?).  That boy.  I love him something fierce and he keeps us all entertained.  For better or for worse.  :)

::: Speaking of decorating, I went through a few different phases with the site Pinterest.  At first, I loved it and kept finding great inspiration for our new house we were building.  Then, when I found out we weren't moving into our new great house (R.I.P.  that really was a great house), the last thing I wanted to do with my time was look at inspiration for a new home.  I cringed at the thought and it just made me sad.  But, I'm happy to report, that I've been born-again and I'm excited to make this house into our home for the next while.  In fact, I think I stumbled upon a GREAT idea for a corner in Tillie's room.  Hello.

You use a hula hoop!  And, Tillie is the queen of book reading in her room.  This could be a great plan. Found here.

::: Speaking of cool internet finds, Aaron found this one and it made my life.  Please read.

::: In other news, I have been numb twice (two different places) in the last 24 hours.  Last night as we were going to bed, I got a bite from some bug on my hand... it was itching like crazy and started swelling and suddenly the whole side of my hand was numb.  Then there was throbbing pain going up my arm.  Let's talk about the awful thoughts running through my head---death by bug bite...  I'd die in the night.  No one would know till the morning (even though I kept trying to wake up Aaron).  I decided to take 4 teaspoons of Children's Benedryl (it's all we had) and then went online to sites like WebMD to diagnose how and when I would die of this bug bite.
I was terrified reading everything.  So, I called the hospital.
They said it was my decision whether or not to come in since they can't diagnose over the phone (makes sense).  So, I waited for another 45 minutes and decided to risk going to sleep and never waking up.

Good news.  I am alive.  I am a survivor.

Numb twice.  Remember?  The second time was when Aaron fixed a cavity for me this afternoon.  He did SUCH a good job.  When he numbed me, it didn't even hurt!  I told him, in all honesty, that it was the most pleasant experience I've ever had in a dental chair.  That's big, considering that Aaron used to tell everyone that I was his WORST patient he'd ever worked on (in my defense, the last time I went to him I was 7 months pregnant and the appointment was like 4 hours long at the dental school.  not cool.).

::: Speaking of Aaron, he is famous.  Seriously.  That means I'm famous by association.  This new practice is the big time.  They have billboards up, ads in magazines, and all sorts of exciting marketing.  Guess what we found in our mailbox on the bag cover of a magazine?

Now look at what Aaron's dad did to the photo.  Such skillzzzz.  I love it.

Funny story... that is NOT Aaron's body that his head is attached to.  Gotta love the "blessing" of Photoshop.  Rest assured, they just took new photos and Aaron's head will be attached to Aaron's body.  I can't wait to see what else his face pops up on!

Crazy times.  All around.
Anyway, there's the 411 for this very minute in time.  I just uploaded over 300 photos from the last few weeks.  There is MUCH more to show you and talk to you about.  All in good time.  In good time.


Tyler and Erin said...

SO happy to see you made it and are happy. Can't wait to see all the pictures and how cool to have a famous hubby! :-) I wish you guys the very best with this fun, new transition.

emily snyder said...

oh blessed post!! thank goodness for conference and time to do such things. :)

i love the reading corner. i can't find the one i was thinking about. i'll keep looking.

maybe i need to have aaron fill a cavity for me = trip to you!

Becker said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! My husband and I LOVED the google maps bit, and I'm thrilled to hear you've arrived. Be safe. Eat BBQ. Have fun. :)

Tim and Melissa said...

I'm happy to hear that you are getting settled. How nice that your sister is there to help! I hope she finds a job there too! I hope everything goes well with Aaron's new job!! Looking forwar to seeing more of your many pics you talked about!!

BETH said...

Glad the Big D is working out for you.
Hey, Grace had that same dress Tillie is wearing. I love it.
Hope the unpacking is unpainful and that you post lots of pictures.
How cool is it to have your sister there. Totally jealous about that.

erin said...

I could totally hear the whos chanting "we're here! we're here! we're here!" when I saw the title of your post! :)
Glad you guys are liking the house you decided on! and that your sister could join in on the fun!


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