Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving day is today.

These pictures were taken five years ago when we first moved here.  We found this great spot just minutes from our house.  We were trying to come up with a good photo for our first ever Christmas card.  I think we decided on the top one.

Well, today is the big day. It's amazing that you can feel so many emotions at one time... Excited, nervous, happy, and sad.

I've been extremely reflective this last little while as I've been reviewing all the things-events-people met-experiences that have happened here in our little brick house.

This was the first real time we'd ever really been on our own.
This was the place I learned what it was like to rely completely on Aaron.
This is the place I realized how important cell phones were and how important it was for me to have support/love from our families back home.
This was the place that I started a blog to keep my old friends and family in the loop.  
This was the place I learned how to be a full-time working member of society... Where I realized how wonderful it was to be in a great work environment. I loved the girls/women I worked with at the stationery store.
This was the place where it was acceptable and normal to use the word "y'all" in my everyday jargon.  You know I capitalized on that. (I could do a whole post about how great that word is.)
This was the place where I learned how much I love the internet.
This is the place where I learned how to earn an income from home and started to figure out a work/life balance.
This is the place where I met so many great friends who have turned into family members.
This is the place where I learned how to comfortable, truly, in my own skin.

This is the place where I became a mom.  twice.

This is the place where my life changed in so many ways, and this has been my home for 5 long/short/crazy happy/good years.  

Am I weird for feeling so incredibly sad but excited at the same time?  Am I lame that I want to take pictures of things like the bathtub to remember how many times I washed those little bodies in it?  Am I silly for wanting to go over to every person that has been in our lives and give them a good hug and say "thank you"?  Am I crazy that I want to push pause and stay right here for a little big longer in the place I have grown to love?  Is it wrong to want to stay comfortable?

Maybe it is wrong.  Maybe I am crazy.  Actually, I am crazy.  And schizophrenic too, apparently.

Basically, I just want to say thanks.  Thanks to all of you who have made these past five years happy for me and my family.

San Antonio, you've been good to us.  Real good.


BETH said...

Well I don't have internet for like a month and you go and change your life plans on me. Good luck with the move, new job and all that jazz.

Tim and Melissa said...

First off, WOW for being able to find time to blog on moving day. I completely understand all of those thoughts and emotions. You seem like you are getting closure though and will be ready to move on. What an exciting time, but it is always scary for me to start over in a new place. You guys are so amazing, truly, that you will have instant friends wherever you move! good luck and lots of love!!

Mark & Bek said...

Good Luck!!!

Kel said...

Oh my!!!!! reading this post brought tears to my eyes. As I look out the living room window and stare at an empty driveway and a porch that is missing the infamous wooden bench, I try and hold back tears. This street/ neighborhood will never be the same without your sweet family on it/in it. Y'all will truly be missed. We love y'all!

elements: overexposed said...

Now what will we do when we want to go to SAT for a visit to enjoy all our favorite eats??? I guess you'll have to make you way back down.

Well wishes your way! Call me in a few months when you have time to breathe.


Jordan and Jandee said...

Nope not crazy. Refreshingly sane.

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

I am already feeling these things and our BIG MOVE isn't still for a good 6 months or more. It is hard to leave something so wonderful and comfortable and head into the unknown. Especially a place that has been so good to you and has taught you so much! I remember coming to SA to visit you guys over Conference Weekend and you talking about everything you were still learning and adjusting to that first year, and me realizing we were just on your coat tails and would be there soon. You taught me a lot during those late night talks at your home in SA about how I wanted to be and what I wanted to do while Marc was in Dental School. You have been such a good example. Life can change and we can change with it, but we always have our memories and I am pretty sure you will look back on these memories and have no regrets of your time spent in SA. Lots of love! You are going to find the perfect little niche for your cute family in your new place, I am sure of it!

Ryan and Nicole said...

I love that you fit in one last blog post from SA before you left :) I'm so excited to read about your new adventures in the big "D"! Now I guess we will have to make a trip up there to visit :)

The Kindle Family said...

So Dallas eh?! Congrats on that...I hope you love it already. We will not be too far away in say 9 mos :) 2 hrs east in Tyler to be exact. Wish we could have hung out more!


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