Tuesday, August 30, 2011

another house that MIGHT have been...

So, we just got back.  We went to Dallas, yet again, to go check out a rental house... b/c remember?  We leave in just almost 2 weeks.  The count down is on, ladies and gentlemen.

We had a few requirements (3 bed, 2 bath, and CLEAN).

We had been checking listings online for days prior to the trip, and luckily, our lovely Realtor and new friend, mapped out a ton of places for us to see.

This place was the first one we saw in person.  Super duper clean.  4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and even a study too.  Oh, and did I mention a great kitchen?  Here she blows:

and yes, in case you were curious, it does kind of look like our current home (this was back when we purchased it and there wasn't a front yard... for some reason I couldn't find any more recent pics without humans in it). 

So, it was clean, in a great neighborhood, a little playground/park around the corner (we're talking less than a block away).  And, the kitchen was so nice and open.  It had a LEGIT laundry room too!  Luckily, that house was first in our search and we compared every other house to it.  And, with every house we saw, we kept going back to that first one.

Until we got to see this beaut in the historic downtown area...  (sorry, some of the pics are blurry)

We loved this house and the idea of this house.  Hello, look at those trees in the back?  Did you see that bathroom floor?  And that kitchen with the brick?  Wrap around porch?  Yes.  All very nice.

But, let's talk DWELL on the bad parts, b/c we decided to not go with this house in the end.  And, I really need to focus on the NEGATIVE so I can be happy about that first red brick house instead.
CON list:
-the floor plan.  If you noticed in those first few images, it is a very CLOSED floor plan.  Meaning, there is one main hallway and little separate rooms on both sides.  The kitchen is in the back of the house and the closest area for the kids to play is way up in front of the house.  

-it's a pretty small home.  which is fine (we are used to small), but a little crazy when you have such a wonky old timer floor plan.  Our current home seems much bigger than it really is, b/c so many of the rooms open into each other.  Also, it would be tricky to figure out a place for another little baby (no, this is not an announcement, I'm just thinking future for a minute).  I know that many of you who read this might live in the city and seeing these pics you might think, "Melissa, this is a ton of space comparatively speaking..."  and, yes, I know.  I'm a spoiled-little-tiny-wahh-waah-baby / brat.  What can you do?  I am who I am.

- the three bedrooms really turn into TWO bedrooms, b/c no way would I ever have one of my kids sleep in that first green bedroom with an exterior/rickety door to the front porch.  So, i the end they would need be sharing a room.  Which is fine and good for some reasons, but stresses me out a little.

-no working garage.  the glorified shed was nice to have in the backyard for storage purposes, but the main big door didn't open.  Also be parking on the side of the house in a dirt/rock driveway.  Let's talk about how not fun it would be with kiddos in the rain and mud going to and from our destinations.  And, where would we put things that we'd use on a regular basis---like our double stroller?  Put it on the front porch?  Probably it would get stolen.  Hmmm...

-no storage in the house.  While cute and darling, the closets were mini with doors that wouldn't open all the way EVEN if you put your back into it.  And, you all know that I am my mother's daughter---I love good storage.

-Super busy street with no fence around the front---we're talking I could never let the kids play in the front yard/porch with out being stressed. out. of my. mind.

-yes, it's located in the "historic district" but that borders the "shady" district.  meaning, not super duper safe.

-As I sat back down in the car after spending a few minutes inside taking a tour of the home, I couldn't help but notice a TON of sick dog hair ALL over my dark pants.  gag me.  Knowing that a very hairy dog lived in the place, kind of makes my stomach churn. Sorry all you pet owners.  Shedding dogs aren't really my thAng.

-let's talk about the front door---umm, it hardly closed.  And when it did, you could still see the outside.  That would stink as far as safety is concerned.  Me and my weak self could probably just shove the door and it would open. Also, another bedroom door opened onto the front porch---which was also a weak-sauce-non-tight-closing-door.  Meaning someone could easily snatch a kid in the night.  I'm dramatic, but hello, I'm a mom too.

-and last, but certainly not least, is that the girl who owned it wouldn't be able to move out for another few months---which means we'd have to find temporary housing for our temporary rental.  Meaning I would go temporarily crazy.  Basically, we would have to find an apartment somewhere for about 2 months.  So, moving twice.  With a big piano.  And two toddlers?  Not sounding super appealing.

So, let's play the game where you help me rationalize why we made the better decision for the newer CLEANER home in the super SAFE area.  :)  Thanks in advance.  

P.S. I am SO over choosing homes and getting emotional about them.  Three cheers for being somewhat settled in a few weeks. 


Tyler and Erin said...

Love that second house too. I just love that wood floor! But you are definitely right in the fact that a cleaner safer home is much better!

Tim and Melissa said...

Is sounds like you analyzed EVERYTHING. Good job!! I think you made a great choice even though it would have been fun to have some of the old charm. With a rental you aren't commited long term, so now you can take your time to find the perfect place for you to buy in the future. Good luck with everything!!

Becker said...

You made the right choice, Melis. I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. That second house is adorable, but the whole time looking at pics I thought, this is FUN, BUT....So, I'm glad you didn't get it. That's the kind of house that would be fun when you're recently empty-nested and can put loads of money and time into renovating it to former glory---not the sort of thing you want to RENT and deal with the problems of it while raising two (or more) littles. Capiche? :)

So, congrats. I hope you love Dallas!

melimba said...

you guys are the best!!
Can I just say that I'm feeling better all ready?! I think just taking the time to write it all out was nice and cathartic---but having a few more validating comments makes me feel even better.
Thanks pals.

a pair of pettijohns said...

Good choice, team wood! Charming is not always best. Especially when frequent descriptive words are rickety and shady. that would be a great House for the "newly married with one new babe in the twinkle of your eye" stage of life. Because let's be real: having a place to store a double bob is a necessity. I happen to LOVE your new digs and i SUPER love that there's a park around the corner. That speaks every mother's love language.

Hooray for a place to live!!

Ps: can we even call that scary looking thing a dog? I had to blow up the picture to get a closer look because I thought it was some kind of ROUS.

becca said...

Whoever made the point about being an empty nester and having it be a fun project was spot-on. Plus as I was looking at all the pictures I kept thinking ok yeah there are nice decorative details: paint colors, little embellishments, great cabinets, etc. But they aren't leaving that furniture and I would never support my niece and nephew sleeping in a place close to the "shady district." The new place is better. Plus, maybe you could buy it later as an art studio. Now that would be fun.

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

Three cheers for the newer brick home! Yes, cute little old house, with cute little old decorative things...brick in the house, wood floors, awesome colors etc, but seriously I would have gone with the new house too. Safety is huge. Plus your kids are getting old enough that you going to want to send them into a fenced area to play, but not have to be with them every second. And to put them to bed at night and feel like someone can't come in and snatch them...definite bonus. The brink house may not have some of the old little vintage chic-ness....but I know you and I know your creative side can definitely find a way to bring some of the fun stuff into your newer brick place.

Kel said...

Love the one you ended up with. The other just wasn't practical for y'all right now. It was super cute, but you made the right decision in the end. I still wish things would change and y'all would just stay here in San Antone!

Kristen said...

Ok, before even reading the cons, I thought you made the right choice. The other house had lots of character and pizazz, but in the end, at least for me, I am all about NEW. I love new things, not "gently used" or "historic" or "antique"...well maybe some antique things. But really, more space? And I share your obsession with closets. It is a no brainer. The house did have a fab kitchen. I loved that, but it was probably smaller, right? I like 4 beds and a GARAGE better.

Your paranoia made me laugh though. No one is going to steal your children! haha, I mean it could happen but Melissa...lol You are too funny.

Sarah said...

The first is cute! A great kitchen is such a big advantage!
And remember - it's just a rental. My mom says, "you can do anything if you know it's temporary.

ellen said...

You'll be closer to my distant cousin who might be one of your new friends. :)

Whitney said...

I think you made the right choice. Did the other house have all the character in the world? Yes. We love that...but character sometimes turns into a headache when you really try to make it liveable. Sure your furniture would fit...but what about all of that other "kid clutter" that I love to have a nice, big, and useable closet for. And you are going to sleep better in the safe house. There is time for character later...or one day you will design the dreamhome with character and cleanliness all in one. Do not even get me started on the dog hair. I saw the dog in one of the pictures...when I thought that was the house you chose, and thought, "Oh, you really want to live in a house with the remnants of someone elses dog?" Sorry. You made the totally right choice... hands down!! And lets talk about how really cute the house you got is. Great kitchen? I am sold! I really should have e-mailed this to you. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love that bathroom shot! :D You are always so amazing. :)

Tiff and Chris said...

I'm so in love with that 2nd house-what character! We will miss you guys so much...all those lovely morning work-outs just wouldn't have been the same without you!

Tiff and Chris said...

P.S. All the character in the world cannot make up for your CON list.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe the news. The house you had biult looks fantastic. Sorry you had to let that go. So we've lived in more old houses than new and currently live in a charming old house. I can't help myself I love the charm, there's nothing else like it. But it's true, they're harder to keep clean and in repair, and don't always appear clean even when they are. And honestly these neighborhoods are not where the families are, and that makes a big difference. There's not much adventure and charm in a new home but you might just have nice families on your street. Neighbors matter. I think we'll be selling our charming craftsman house within 5 years and I will ball my eyes out but we'll trade it in for a better school district and neighbors.


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