Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farmer's Market + Oktoberfest = good times!

Ahh, Fall.  It's a great time of year, especially in Texas, b/c now we can FINALLY enjoy the outdoors again.  The weather has been ideal as of late and we're having a good time exploring new places here in Dallas.  Plus, let's be honest, I have Becca's help, so I'm a lot more keen to go exploring with an extra set of hands.  obviously! 
A favorite we've found is the McKinney Farmer's Market.  Darling location.  Trees everywhere.  And, did I mention they had live Celtic music?  Very charming.  We've actually gone a few times since we took the pictures a few weeks ago, and we're fans.  Especially of the bread vendor.  Oh my word.  Talk about CARB-HEAVEN.
Let's take a look around, shall we?

The kids were big fans of the drinkable yogurt.  Can you tell?  I love how focused they are.

This particular day was a busy one.  We wanted to check out the Farmer's Market, but there was also a Oktoberfest celebration that day too (did I mention that they were two blocks away from each other?).   On our way to the Farmer's Market we saw a little antique/garage sale thing going on.  Don't you worry, I SCORED some awesome finds.  I'll show you pictures later.  I couldn't believe my luck.  If you're curious, it has EVERYTHING to do with the first photo on this post.

ANNNYWAY, Since Aaron now works most of the day on Saturday, we opted to do the Market and then head home for lunch/naps/etc. and wait for Aaron to go back to the Oktoberfest fun.  It was fun.  One day I'd like to go there with no kiddos in tow to check out all the fun little shops they have.  There were some darling window displays.
Overall, it was good.  Let's see what we saw:

This INDEPENDENT kid has a mind of his own.  Don't worry, the street was blocked off.

I thought these chairs could be cool recovered with some fun and exciting fabric.  But alas, I have no idea how to really reupholster things, and I have enough projects on my hands.  So, I kept walking.  Those darned interior design blogs/pinterest gets my brain thinking all sorts of new things these days!

Kind of funny, this next one Aaron looks confused/sad/mad?  But, trust me, he is glad.

Cool artwork.  Loved the tangerine background especially.  Makes me miss painting.

I don't know what this maze was for, but the kids sure loved it.  Can you spy Cal and Tillie?  Cal---he's about to get run over by what appears to be a cat girl.

Cal didn't quite understand the whole "staying within the lines" concept.  

just happy to be here!  and can I tell you how much fun it is to have Becca as a Team Texas member?  Yes.  Good.  Sorry her face is cut off here.  

On the other side of this white thing is a German landscape for people to pretend they're celebrating Oktoberfest IN Germany.  Clever.  But, there was a long line that we didn't want to wait for.  So, let's do a family shot on the backside.  As they say, "Das es goot."  Calvin especially thought so.

Gotta love the running Tillie.

And, that awesome Texas sky.  Very cool.  Sorry, you'd think I was a meteorologist with all the sky photos I've been posting as of late.  Maybe there's a little tiny meteorologist living inside of me.  That'd be creepy, right?  I mean, can you imagine a little weatherman living inside of me?  Weird.  Let's be done with this thought.

The end.

P.s. one day I'll stop doing the "scrapbook style" blog and let you know about all the random things/thoughts that go through my brain (you're probably thinking, "Uhh, if it has to do with a tiny weatherman taking over your body, I'm not so sure I'd like that...").
  But for the moment, "scrapbook style" is much easier.  
And, if you know me, you know I love easy.  So, there you have it.


Kali said...

I, like you, can finally start enjoying being outside again. The fall is perfect in Kansas City... the summer is dreadfully hot. Looks like you guys had a grand time. The cleaner maze is the most random thing I have ever seen. ha! I also laughed at cat girl about ready to mow down your sweet baby. Oh dear!

elements: overexposed said...

I LOVE that your Fall is practically summer weather...oh wait IT IS summer weather! We on the other mano (that means hand) are wishing for brighter skies, warmer weather oh and HELLO sunshine! Bright and sun aren't exactly the same thing. Brighter skies as in lighter shades of gray!

Love and miss your face!

Aaron and Stephanie Cousins said...

the lysol maze made me chuckle. who does that?

Jordan and Jandee said...

1. I like scrapbook style.
2. Drinkable yogurts -- genius!
3. Lovin' all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow melissa and co. u moved. Send me your address. Christine Flick


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