Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BYU/UT San Antonio/Austin Boy's trip 2011

Scott and me trying out some different poses before the big group shot:

Mark's better side:

We thought it'd be good luck to wear the same outfits as last time, Blake couldn't make it, luckily Jordan had the good fortune to visit Blake before the visit, pick up his shirt, shrink it, and bring it to Kevin (we spent a good portion of the trip stretching the shirt out trying to convince Kev he actually looks very good in a tight shirt):

Walkin' thru Austin to go to Hut's Burger's:

I think we enjoyed the space Bruce (our minivan) offered:

Hit up a tailgate party in Austin at a church building across the way from the stadium... some fellow cougars tried to scalp their bbq tickets to us for a profit... we we're like "no we just ate at deliciuos Hut's Burgers":

We decided the stadium would be more fun and left:

Mark hooked up some cub scouts selling water, they hooked him up with a water bottle, looks like Kevin and Jordan already crossed the street:

I asked Jordan if my nose looked very big and he took this so I could decide:

Watching the cougars warm up:

Scott got us 4 tickets (for FREE!) but there was 5 of us... so we sat together for the first quarter and then we got split up and spread around, we were in the UT section so we had fun (especially during the first half):

Here we are having fun:

It may've been a while since I been to a BYU game... but I'm pretty sure their marching band would beat the cougars at a "spell something on the field" game. They were very good:

So that was Saturday... Sunday, we went down to San Antonio's Paseo del Rio. Some of looked like we were straight off a TV show... others of us just looked messy... you can decide:

Lookin' at stuff:

Here's a life size replica of the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow, 8'11.5" I think:

More of the same:

Jordan didn't stand next to the tallest guy:

In front of the Alamo:

Walking around the Alamo:

Talking on the phone outside the Alamo:

This is a fake riverwalk on the way to the real riverwalk:

This is the real riverwalk:

Ummm... not much going on here:

A whole lotta stuff going on here:

This is the pile of stuff we had on the table (or chair as it were) if Scott was gonna be able to polish off melissa's 9x13 pan of brownies. He was starting a diet/exercise thing the next week and we were bulking him up to start.

Gonna take some photos/vid of the work:

The pile grew a little bit:

We had already all had like 2 burgers and chips and root beer and were stuffed to begin the contest...


Melissa already put these photos up... but it was the next day so I thought I'd put it up too.


melimba said...

good times. great friends. love that they came.

Mark & Bek said...

great trip. notre dame 2012. maybe we come out with a win then. We should all start now trying now to grow "riley" hair and have a contest at the game. sounds good to me


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