Sunday, October 9, 2011

final day in San Antonio...

The last few days in San Antonio were a whirlwind.  Here's the schedule:

8th (Thursday): Aaron flies back to San Antonio from working the past week in Dallas

9th (Friday): Some of Aaron's best friends fly into town for the big BYU/UT game in Austin (and, of course we wanted them to stay with us!) MORE pictures to come (that deserves a separate post).  Let me just say this, it was SOO much fun having them around.  I love this shot with Kevin's shirt draped on top and Aaron doing a muscle man pose.  Very fun.

10th (Saturday): The boys all drove up to Austin for the big game, the kids and I went to the funnest (yes, that is a word) birthday party.

The party was for our little friend, Brooklyn.  I'm good friends with her mom (we used to work together at Moon Mippy, then found out we lived just 2 minutes away from each other!).  Anyway, they invited us to a train themed party in New Braunfels.  It was darling and such a perfect little party.  We LOVED it.  Here are pictures from our time there while Aaron and the boys whooped it up in Austin.

this was a crazy huge old oak tree---they built that brick support to help it from toppling over.  amazing.
how cute is the conductor?  hello.

Cal even took a swing at the pinata.  So funny that it's bigger than he is.
Brooks, Brooklyn's dad, decided to give it a go.  :)  In case you were curious, yes, he broke it open.
Kristen, Brooklyn, and us.  It was a happy day.  I am posting two almost identical pictures, b/c in the next one Cal is doing a TRUE grin.  I love that my kids get SO red faced like I do.  Sorry, guys.

11th (Sunday): Church normal, good.  Remember what happened 10 years ago with the terrorist attacks.  So crazy that was 10 years ago. The boys went downtown after church.  Then we all hung out and had perhaps TOO much fun on the Sabbath.

12th (Monday): Boys leave to airport after about 1 hour of sleep. Adam, another one of Aaron's BFF, was able to fly into San Antonio and hang out for the afternoon/evening.  It was so great to hang out with him.  We love that he is a pilot and we get to see him in our city!!  Then my sister, Becca, flew into town late that night.  That girl has great timing.  :)
Yes, these pictures below gave me a heart attack.  And, yes, my mom (denise) would NOT approve.

13th (Tuesday): Packed frantically all morning (luckily, with Becca's help now too!), movers came at 3:00p.m.  They loaded up the truck (we barely fit!).  We do last minute clean up. Take a few more pictures in front of the house for the last time.  Load into the van and little car and head to Dallas around 7:00p.m.  Arrived to the new city/new house around 1:00a.m.  Crrrrazy.

we plugged the kids into movies all morning while we packed.  :)  Luckily, they like movies AND each other.  So sweet.
Some of our sweet friends dropped by to wish us well.  I wish I would have taken a few more pictures with some of the other friends that came.  Man, I miss y'all!!  THANK YOU.

The kids loved running around all the EMPTY rooms after the movers left.

We loved our neighbors.  I wish we could have had time to go around and take more pictures with them!  (Kelli! yes, I'm talking about you!)  But alas, we were down to crunch time. 

RJ was not happy we were moving.  I think he's trying to be "tough" here.

Cal really does love RJ, but was acting shy here.
crazy our garage was SO empty!
family shot with RJ.  :)
Last REAL family shot before we left to Dallas for good.  Crazy that Aaron and I moved into this house as a young couple with no thought of children in the near future.  5 years later, we're a legit party of four.  Amazing.  Good times in San Antonio.  Dallas pictures coming up soon.


Kel said...

I wish I would've been home to take a pic with y'all too! I miss y'all like crazy. Once the crazy wedding plans are finalized, we need to road trip it to Dallas to see the new place and hang with the best neighbors in the world!!!

Tyler and Erin said...

You weren't kidding you've been busy! How fun to have Aaron and all his buddies together again. Can't wait to hear of the new place and all the new adventures!


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