Monday, November 29, 2010

sometimes the plan fails.

I had expressed some interest in seeing what our local gym had to offer.  Remember how I knocked it?  Everyone said the classes are where it's at.  And this gym, in particular, apparently has a great kids club---thus allowing you to really concentrate on your work out (instead of my normal exercise in the family room with kids climbing on top of me, asking me to grab their drinks, etc.).
So, I decided that I should give it a try.  Fortunately for me, I have a friend who is a spin instructor and she gave me some "free week trial" passes.  So, why not?  We'll give it a go and see if it's worth the expensive membership fees.

I have been planning for the last week and a half that today, Monday, Nov. 29th would be my start up day.  I have to gear up for these things, b/c I rarely like to leave the house with both kids.  Yes, I do realize that Calvin isn't a newborn anymore, but leaving the house still gives me anxiety.  Life is so much easier at home.

Anyway, I got up early (thanks to Matilda), I had the class time I wanted to attend all figured out.  Fed Tillie.  Got her dressed in her new Christmas shirt from Nana 'Nise.  Cal woke up.  Changed him.  Fed him a ton of cereal (he seemed really hungry).  Got Cal dressed in his new shirt from Nana.  Feeling good.  Ahead of schedule.  Awesome.  Gave myself a mental pat on the back.

This is when it started unraveling.  Doesn't life ALWAYS go awry when you give yourself mental pats on the back?  I should have known...

We couldn't find Tillie's water-bottle (aka her security blanket---p.s. these really are great bottles, more on them later).  I was getting frustrated and she started crying. Calvin was sobbing b/c he wanted me to hold him as we were frantically running around the house looking for the blasted Ariel water-bottle (we have about a 6 other ones, but she "needed" Ariel today).  Finally, I decided that it was ridiculous spending the time looking for Ariel, and I should just grab her a new one.  So, I decided to get them both in their car-seats while I grabbed the replacement bottle.  Tillie was adamant that she didn't want to wear her Crocs... She actually wanted her boots or sandals.  Knowing that the sandals require more effort to do the little straps and that her boots meant socks (which she always takes off), I was refusing her requests.  Honestly, I had no idea 2 year olds had such opinions!  I had just finished strapping Cal in his car-seat, as I was telling her to "get the Crocs and get in the car... now!"

Then Cal throws up.  A ton.  Remember all that rice-fruit-cereal he had eaten minutes before?  Oh yes.  All over.  I mean, ALL over.  Poor baby starts bawling.  I'm like a frantic deer caught in a headlight.  What to do? What to do?  So, I dash inside to grab some rags and I tell Tillie to take off her Crocs (which she had finally just put on) and that we were staying home.  Thus making Tillie start howling as she throws her body to the floor saying, "No, I want to go bye-bye NOW! Bye-bye now!"  I run out to the car to rescue groddy Calvin.  It's everywhere.  I strip him down to his diaper, wipe him off, and take him inside with Tillie.  She had calmed down and decided to pull out every toy we own (well, almost every toy we own).  Cal seemed content to play as I made my way back to the stinky mess in the garage.

Let me say this.  I love that car-seats make it possible to travel with a baby in the car.  Two cheers for that.  But, I hate how ridiculously complicated they are to figure out!  Why it is SO impossible to take off the car-seat covers is BEYOND me.  I was frustrated before, but during the car-seat-cover-take-off-episode, I was FUMING.  Honestly, it was a JOKE trying to figure out how to get the blasted straps out, and undoing all the little elastic bands.  I kept debating whether or not to grab the scissors and just cut the dang thing off.  I did, after all, get it from Costco.  They'd do a return, right?  All the while, the smell.  Oh the smell...

FINALLY, after about 10 minutes (literally) I got the darn thing off.  I chucked it in the washing machine on the "Super Heavy Duty cycle" with a ton of OxyClean, detergent, and hot water (watch, it's going to shrink now).  And then realized I needed to get inside STAT to check on the kids. 

They toys were strewn about (as always), but the kids weren't in the front room.  I heard Tillie in the bathroom saying, "Mooooooom!  I need a bath!  I need a bath!"  Lovely.  She's either pooped or peed in her pants I realized as I was frantically searching for Calvin.  Poor baby.  I found him in my room (which was left open from our water-bottle search).  He had pulled himself up and was standing next my bed---sobbing.  Oh my.  So sad.  He couldn't find me so he thought to come look for me in my bedroom? (I put the question mark, b/c I'm never hiding out in my bedroom. poor baby.)

I swooped him up and tried to comfort him as I made the way across to Tillie.

I could tell as soon as I rounded the corner.  Poop in the pants.  Awesome.
I set down Calvin, who started sobbing again, as I cleaned up the little Miss.  Honestly, that girl.  She kept saying, "let's just get in the bath. It's okay, I'll take a bath."  She had peed her pants in the night (even though she assured us she was ready to put her big girl panties back on).  I had just washed her sheets and mattress pad.  I was in no mood to do this again.  So, I decided to put a BABY DIAPER on her.  Oh, the agony.  She was devastated, but it was all I could think of at the moment to teach her...

So, we're not going to the gym today.  
Plus, who knows if Calvin is going to have a functioning car-seat after the number I did on it this morning.  Its going to take a miracle to put that cover back on. 

Luckily, all is well, now.  After we were all cleaned up, and the washing machine was going---with both kids glued to me, we decided to read some books to help calm myself and both kids down.  That seemed to work.  Calvin got so tired that he was happy when I put him in his crib to take a nap.  Tillie and I cleaned up her toys (happily) so I rewarded her with letting her watch Mulan.  Sue me.  I'm that mom.

And, I am here retelling the tale that almost did me in.

So, moral of the story:  Sometimes the "plan" fails.  Sometimes things like car-seat covers make us want to swear like sailors.  Sometimes you humiliate your kids.  Sometimes you get really messy and stinky caring for children.  And sometimes you try going leaving the house and realize it's just not worth it.

But, in the end, you realize how insignificant our little traumas are.
There are much bigger problems in the world.  We are okay.  We are healthy and safe.  And, luckily, little kids forgive easily. 
And *maybe* tomorrow, we make a new plan and try again. 
The end.


The Girl said...

Oh my. It is not even 11am yet! Sorry Melissa! I think days like that should count as a workout!

I hope the rest if your day get's better!

P.S...I think you are an awesome mom!

emily snyder said...

i want to cry! i can just see cal crying at your bed! and i sooo wish i was there to give you another set of hands.

i love that you wrote this down. for sooo many reasons!

i made cookie dough this weekend. first time in boston!

Lindsay said...

ha... I LOVED this post. Makes me feel like I'm reading my life! I am all about staying home too! In fact, I keep telling Matt I wish we were homeschooling Owen just so I didn't have to take him to school everyday. Enjoy it now, because soon you will HAVE to be out the door everyday! And the carseat covers--Elizabeth threw up in hers a few months ago and it seriously sat outside for weeks because I couldn't figure out how to get the cover off (luckily we had an extra carseat to use in the meantime). Matt even tried and said it wasn't meant to come off. Who are you kidding???--a carseat cover that won't come off! Anyways, we finally figured it out. We needed to unscrew some screws to get it off! What a pain.
thanks for the laugh!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

You KILL ME! Seriously. Brian and I read this laughing out loud. He was ahead of me and he would start to laugh and I would say STOP laughing I am not there yet. The whole thing awesome!

PS- Who cares if she watched Mulan. Its called SANITY! BTW Porter is watching Curious George right now as I type. I am that Mom too!

Can't wait to see you at the PARTAY!! Can't wait!

Kel said...

You are a riot!!! I am crying from laughing so hard. And of course it had to be my first day back at work and I couldn't come help you in your mini crisis. On another note, which Spectrum are you trying out?? I go to the one on Bandera, only because it's free through my insurance, one good thing about crappy teacher insurance, and I LOVE it!!!

Kristen said...

At least you got a good work out dealing with the messes, right? Don't give up on the's heaven sent, plus tillie will love going. There is a worker named Delores, not sure if she is still there, but you will know if you see her. She is an old Mexican grandma that dyes her hair blonde and wear heavy black eye makeup with false eyelashes. Anyway, she sounds scary, but is super sweet. She was so good with Gunnar when we started going and he was 5 months old. He LOVED her, no idea why by the looks of her, but she really was so great with babies. Plus they would feed him his rice cereal in the morning so I didn't have to. Kelly is also really great. Often times I would go in and she would be reading lily a book one on one. You'll never find that anywhere else, I guarantee it.

Oh, and I love those "sippy cups" too. We have some and they NEVER leak! They're awesome.

azufelt said...

so sorry. I can't even recall how many moments like that I have had in my mommy years. But the one thing I am actually always proud of myself for, is jsut calling it. Jsut deciding in that moment to stay home and tend to the kids and the messes. It's so easy for me to get caught up in my plan, or wherever I think we need to be, that I forget we could jsut give in, take a breather, and stay home. It's OKAY. On another note, I would LOVE to acompany you to the gym sometime, if you wanted to go in the evening or nite time (I can't take Tristan just yet) I would love to go elliptical with you or something of equal funness!! love you!

Tim and Melissa said...

Wow! What a day! BIG HUGS from me!
Sad that moms have to have days like that. I hope today is better!

Ashley said...

Firstly, thanks for posting that. It makes me and, I'm sure all the other mom's, feel like in those moments we have all been there and we somehow will survive it. Although at that moment I'm not quite so sure. Plus, you are MUCH more patient mom than I am so give yourself a pat on the back for that.
Secondly, LOVE the water bottles. Avery would DIE, literally if she had those babies in her Christmas tree stocking. Where in the world do you find such things???

Jared and Kelly said...

I love this post. I do. I think kids will stretch you like nothing else can. Well handled even if it didn't feel like it. Intense morning but at least you weren't on a road trip, right?
Ps- that's EXACTLY why I don't go to the gym, kids place or not. I am now for early morning runs before Dad goes to work. Fall out of bed, run slowly ( so it doesn't hurt later..) around the neighborhood, hopefully with a friend, come back for a shower and you've got an early start for the day. No driving, i practically go in my jammies, and hopefully the kids don't wake until after the shower.


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