Thursday, November 4, 2010

pretty amazing new tool

So, Aaron was out of town for the last few days for work stuff.  I've decided he can never leave us again.  Life is 1.9 billion times better when he is here.  So, to make the most of his time away, I transformed myself into a busy beaver.  (insert me making beaver face right here.  good visual.) It's not even funny how much I accomplished.  Be proud of me.  And, if you're not, don't worry.  I'm proud enough for the BOTH of us.

ANYWAY, the reason I accomplished so much was TWO fold:
1) I wanted Aaron to be really impressed with his wife and what a ship shape household she could run.
2) Free up my life, so that when my special package arrived in the mail I wouldn't feel bad dedicating ALL my "free" time to it.

Well, people, it was worth it. 

This may not look like a big deal to many of you, but to me---it's crazy amazing.  Enter the Wacom tablet.  Basically, it's a little electronic pad that allows me to draw on it with a special pen tool---just like you'd do with a pen and paper.  For people like me who draw on paper, scan it in, digitally clean it up and then TRY manipulating it on the computer it's a BIG improvement.  The lines are so crisp and clean too.  Easy and fast.  Sigh.  I'm in love.  How I've lived my life thus far without it?

Anyway, these are a few things I did when I was messing around with it this evening.  And, don't be mad, but this blog is going to be like a big magnetic fridge that I will, at random, post drawings on.  Why?  BECAUSE I CAN---goodness, and I'm just so stinkin' happy right now. 

Oh, and do you think it's weird that for some reason I'm obsessed with drawing elves year 'round?  yeah, me too. But, he just seems so happy to be here...

the end.


Rebecca Snyder said...

yay! so productive

erin said...

How fun! I'm not even a good artist like you and that sounds like a cool new tool to me.
I love your doodles. Hope you post lots of them! :)

The Girl said...


emily snyder said...

i love the "some kind of wonderful"!! maybe as sisters we could all make teacher posters! PLEASE!! :)

love love love your new surprise. still need to see pictures of the white bookshelves please. wanna see how things have changed

Jordan and Jandee said...

agreed we love our Wacom tablet, so happy you got!

stephanie said...

amazing tool!!! i love it!


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