Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.

In case you're wondering... The answer is no, I will not being eating GOOSE for dinner. Ever.


I just love those happy faces.

This year for Christmas, I'm trying to simplify.  I think I'm going to make a gift for Tillie and Calvin.  Just one.  Of course, we have a few other little things hiding in our closet for them, but I want to make something meaningful this year.  I'm thinking of a doll.  Maybe a doll for each of them?  But I've never made one.  I hardly ever sew, so this seems a little intimidating and exciting all at once.  Any helpful hints?  I'm especially curious how to go about doing HAIR on the dolls.  Yarn? Felt?  If anyone has any help, let me know. 

I was tipped off from Sugar City's blog about a few great links.  There was a  darling little photo-montage and was reminded that I want to Tillie to be like this little girl and her doll.  It is so cute.  You definitely should check it out.  Make sure you push play to the song while you watch.  Then you can thank me later. 

**I found this little Sesame Street video with the great background story from NPR linked from Heather Ross' blog.  It was pretty sweet.

**In other news, my dear friend and former roomie, Kimmy-face (she just goes by Kimmy, though. I just like to call her "kimmy-face"), well, she is pretty much living one of my dream lives in the Big Apple with her sweet husband, Chris.  She parties it up (yes, that is a picture of her with the flowers in the article) with the likes of Darcy Miller and Martha (oh, you know, Stewart) because of her awesome job as an assistant to the amazing Matthew Robbins.  Anyway, she's the real deal, folks.  And, she sent me an email the other day notifying me of this big news.

Yes, that's right.  Purl Soho just started carrying some of our fabric line.  Awesome.  I love that website and blog.  Kimmy wrote, and I quote, "GIRL, you made purl soho's site, YOU HAVE MADE IT."  Is that lovely or what?  (don't be mad, kimmy, that I took confidential emails and posted them on my blog, okay?)  I was happy for the news.  And, I was happy that they chose my favorite pattern as the default image.  I felt special and still do every time I look at it.  
**In other news, Tillie is a nut.  We know that.  And, we love her for it.  The latest and greatest happened two nights ago when Aaron was tucking her into bed.  Matilda now prays by herself with no help from us, which is funny, b/c you never know what you're going to hear... Anyway, as she was finishing up, instead of saying "Amen" she said, "The End."  She is a book lover, remember? 
Oh, she's also a poser.  Scroll down, you'll see why.

and one more close up... for good measure.  oh, and there's another awesome bang trim job.  sorry, Tillie.  I try.

 **I'm loving this stage where Matilda repeats anything I want her to say.  That's right, pretty much anything.  It's adorable, of course.  Anyway, the other day we were talking to my mom and she was getting into trouble and making Cal cry.  So, I made her first apologize to Calvin.  Next I brought her over to the phone so my mom could hear her and had her say, "Sorry, Nana.  I was rude to you and Calvin.  I will try hard to reform myself."  She nailed it.  So great. 

Anyway, I'm trying to teach her to say, on her own accord, "It's okay.  I'm a doctor."  She did, after all, win a doctor play set by going poopy in the potty.  Here she is examining poor Calvin.  It's amazing the things he puts up with.

 As you can see, she takes her job very seriously. 

**One more note, if you thought that I was the only one to enjoy the new Wacom tablet, think again.  This is Aaron's rendering of Tillie the other night.  I love it more than I could ever express.  He even included her froggy bib.  Perfection at it's finest.

You love it too. I know.  Insert hearty applause here.
As Tillie says, "The end."


kimmy girl said...

awhhhh girl, thank you for the shout out! It was SO much fun to find your line on purl. I LOVE it, just cant wait to walk in the store and get to BUY some!

Becker said...

YAY for Kimmy living the dream!
YAY for you and your awesome fabric line!
YAY for Tillie and her prayer randoms (the best!)!
YAY for Calvin and non-stop smiles!
YAY for Aaron's froggy-bib child!

Heather said...

so - i totally grew up in Sugar City... Cool huh. I don't know those gals I don't think though.

One of my friends (from Sugar City) made some dolls last year. Maybe it will get some creatives juices flowing for ya.

Great Christmas idea!!

a pair of pettijohns said...

um, did you know that you have the darlingest children EVER?! thank you for making tillie say, "i will try hard to reform myself." good news.

great post. i'm loving aaroneous' tillie drawing. good work!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

I really like this website. It makes sewing projects much more manageable for me. I took the liberty of searching "dolls" for you. Some are just clothes and some are actual dolls. It may give you an idea or you may find a pattern you like. Best of luck! I am making the kids little scripture cases...that is the extend of my sewing project for christmas!

good luck!

Rebecca Snyder said...

she is a dor able. oh my goodness. it's ok I'm a doctor? I can't wait for the day when she will say it with ease.

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh and love the ruffles you added to her shirt.

elements: overexposed said...

A nice, long post. Just the way I like 'em. Can I say ca-ute photos of your kiddos! To die for!


Mark & Bek said...

Your kids are so cute, and I want to jump in the picture of them cuddling on the quilt and snuggle them.

Also, you make me laugh. Because you are funny, but also when you say you want to keep Christmas simple, so you are going to make dolls for your kids for the first time. That would be a year long project for me. Wish you could hand me some of your creativity.

emilyhutchison said...

You and Kimmy own the world wide web. Sarah and I need to pull it together or people are going to think we are the non-successful/non-interesting roommates. My new goal is to make it on to to show the two of you up.

The second I saw Tillie's shirt I could tell you had spruced that baby up and I <3 it. For real.


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