Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes, that's right, I'm a WINNER!
No, it's not positive self talk, it's LEGIT, people. 

Let's start at the beginning of the day.  Fairly normal day, although, it seems the kids were messier than usual (to prove it, I vacuumed the main part of the house 3 times. 3 times, people. sheesh.).  Anyway, we got the mail and there was a package addressed to me. 
I didn't recognize the sender and was thinking, "oh no, is this anthrax?" 
jk.  Didn't even cross my mind. 
But, I asked Aaron, "Did you order something for me?" 
My mind was racing... "Did I order something for me?" 

Anyway, confused, I opened it up. 
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear... reindeer?  nope, but close!  This cd.

But, who is it from?  The invoice from amazon had no sender details.  No note, no nothing. 
(I checked my amazon account and nope, it wasn't us that ordered it)
A lovely gift and I'm so flattered!  And, I was *this close* to buying it last year (insert me pinching my pointer finger and thumb together here).  And, now, it is mine to listen to my heart's content.  It is wonderful.  I'm listening to it RIGHT THIS MINUTE (even though Thanksgiving hasn't happened. so sue me!).

Anyway, to my SECRET ADMIRER, thank you!! "The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time."  (quick! name that movie!  do you remember? Finding Forester.  Good flick.)  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

On to MORE good news.  I know, the mind REELS that I could have more good news.  But, tonight as I opened up my email I started hyperventilating.  Literally, I was freaking out at the computer and Aaron was like, "uhh, are you okay?"  I, Melissa, who never ever wins, WON a giveaway on Bloesem!  If you click on that link, you'll see that it says "Giveaway is closed: lucky winner is : Melissa"   ----Yes, that would be ME!
Such news I had to share with the world...  YES!  I won a book I've been coveting for MONTHS!  What book you ask?  Oh, only this one...

Are you familiar with Hillary Lang's blog?  Really?  Me too.  I've been a follower of her blog since 2006.  That's called a LEGIT fan (yes, I realize I've used "legit" twice in this post).   If you haven't seen it, you probably should.  She's great.  Her dolls are adorable.  Perfect for a little Tillie and a little Cal to play with.

And the TIMING!?!  Did you not read this post I did only days ago?  Oh my.  I still am on cloud 9.  If I had a swimming pool, I maybe would have ran and jumped in it with my clothes on.  That's how thrilled I was (do you know I had some friends who did that after they won out on an awesome ebay auction? too funny). 

Anyway, thought I'd share the good news.  Man, at this rate I MAYBE should buy a lottery ticket.  Or maybe this t-shirt would suffice? 


the end.

oops, just kidding.  almost done.  I re-opened my etsy shop tonight.  for old time's sake.  who knows how long i'll keep it open, but thought it would be fun to put some things in it.  my printer has been missing me.  I think I'm adding another few items in a few days---think cuckoo clock.  


Heather said...

i love those little dolls... so cheerful and fun.

happy mail (especially surprise mail) is the best!

What a great day for you!

sorry i keep leaving random comments if you think i'm a weirdo. :)

Kali said...

Melissa you are too cute. So happy you won. I won a giveaway the other day and I about peed my pants with glee. Not kidding:) So I can feel your excitement. Plus, just wanted to say that I was just listening to that CD on itunes and was wanting it. btw your post on Alieda's challenge totally inspired me. Thanks. You are super great. and I love your blog. Hope it doesn't weird you out that I read.

BETH said...

Topic #1. I love winning things. It makes me in a good mood for like a month. Christmas music is my favorite, all year long.
Topic #2. I would try felting the boys hair on with some wool roving and a felting needle. I think that would be awesome.
Topic #3 Elmers glue is awesome. Back to our conversation on why you should buy 40 bottles when it is $.25.
Topic #4. Good job on your talk, I loved it.


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