Thursday, May 6, 2010

music and a call to former Alpine Elementary folks.

did you know our school had such a great logo? who knew?

Aaron and I are Alpine Elementary alumni. It's funny how we both knew all the same teachers, walked the same halls, played on the same kickball courts---but didn't do them together.

Anyway, one thing that we frequently do is sing songs that we learned there.
(my sisters know where this is going...)

Let's talk about the song, "50 Nifty United States", shall we?

Okay, Aaron and I have a long disputed conversation about the LYRICS to this song. Yes, please be impressed by our ability to remember ALL of those 50 Nifty states, but here's the argument---what is the ending?

One of us thinks it goes like this:
"Shout 'em, scout 'em, tell all about 'em, one by one 'till we've given a DAY to every state that's (clap) in the U.S.A..."

and the other one things it goes like this:
"Shout 'em, scout 'em, tell all about 'em, one by one 'till we've given a NAME to every state that's (clap) in the U.S.A..."

I won't tell you which one comes from me. And, I certainly won't tell you which opinion is Aaron's, because he has quite the cheering squad of male friends that will support his wording, regardless. So, who is right?

Now, some of you will pull up the lyrics online thinking, "duh. why didn't they think of that?"---well, we did. And, there are all sorts of editions to the song. No good.

So, Alpine Elementary Alumni, who is right?
You will settle a long time battle in the Wood home.
I told Aaron last night, as we were debating it, YET AGAIN, that I should probably track down Mrs. Dominguez or someone to have them show me the ACTUAL overhead projector sheet... just to know.

Anyway, is it "given a NAME" or "given a DAY"? I'm dying b/c I want to tell you which one is mine and argue WHY my memory is right. But, alas, I must be fair.

So, there you go. We have a score to settle (if this is the worst fight we've had, then I'll take it).

Why did this come up again? Aaron was singing the "Museum Song" to Matilda last night. He was trying to enamor us with his skills. We were thoroughly impressed.

Quite a lotta
Roman terra cotta
Livin' lava from the flanks of Etna
Ride a dromedary
See the Temple tumble and the Red Sea part.

McNamara's band
The fattest lady in the land
A pickled prehistoric hand
A strand of Pocahontas' hair

ahh, the memories. Anyway, he then started singing the song, "What's more American than??"
if you remember correctly, there is a stanza (nice music verb-ology) that says this:

What's more American than Football?
T.V. and mighty Superman.
What's more American than Swanee?
I am, I am, I am!

Well, Aaron took great care to swoon his voice with the "SWWaAahhhnneeeeee" and I was like, "Aaron, do you even know what Swanee is?"
he didn't.
neither did I.

We're both American and we didn't even know the answer.
Do you?

Well, in case you want to know, read up on this.

okay. End of elementary songs.

Let's get to more good stuff.

When you hear about some great music that you love playing over and over---it's probably best to let others feel the love too. I was first tipped off by this blog.

So, check out these two videos by a couple called Pomplamoose (they are a boyfriend/girlfriend combo). I love them. So does Tillie.

It's a little creepy crazy how the girl doesn't smile when she sings, but I kind of like it.

FYI: we stopped watching after the song was over at 2 min. 30 sec. ---we weren't interested in the other stuff about their new t-shirts.

Then, we are diggin' this cover of Single Ladies too. Pretty fun. I love the clapping so much.

Anyway, you can thank me later.

And, please, if you really know what the lyrics are, let us know.
Save our marriage. :)


a pair of pettijohns said...

did i go to alpine elementary? no

but i WAS taught the 50 nifty united states song at my little elementary delight known as san antonio christian school and still sing it whenever the moment is right. and let's face it, when is the moment ever NOT right for 50 nifty united states?!

one vote for: DAY

may the best man win...

erika said...

it's NAME. 100% for sure. I sing that song weekly.

I'm pretty sure Julie Wiser would be not be happy about this...

Tyler and Erin said...


Lyssa said...

I don't know what song you are talking about but NAME just makes MORE sense....but that's just me.
Good Luck!

emily snyder said...

silly!! it's totally NAME!
and i hate to brake it to the both of you, but those songs are taught to almost ALL elementary students. not that Alpine Elementary isn't the greatest, but . . . it's just not unique as far as songs go :)

oh no!! i just looked it up! it is DAY!!! ugh. ugh ugh ugh! happy states :)

Steph Revelli said...

I would've guessed DAY...but now I'm second guessing myself because of everyone else...haha Good luck...maybe i'll ask around :-)

kimmy girl said...

i didnt read any of the other submissions as to sway my vote. PC taught NAME. or at least i thought it was name.

love you guys.

kimmy girl said...

em is right. day, that makes no sense. and i guess good old pc school district didnt think we could handle the first verse because i have never heard any of that stuff!

Steph Revelli said...

I'm changing my vote to NAME because i looked it up online...haha

racharooo said...

This is so ridiculous. How does DAY make any sense? How do you give a DAY to a state? The POINT of the song is to NAME the states!

The girl said...

I couldn't remember but first thought name sounded like it makes more sence. Then yesterday my four year old nephew stared singing it (I couldn't believe it) and so I asked my sister and told her about your dilemma...she said..or sang

Good luck! I secretly hope YOU are right. Lol.

mommyballs said...

The Clarksville Middle School chorus version in MD in the 80's used "Day". It follows with the phrase, "To every state that's in the USA" which rhymes with "Day". That's my two cents!! I have sung that song to my boys for years!!!

melody said...

Umm, I think it is sounds more familiar.
Alos, I love that you know who pomplamoose is. Because I adore them.
You guys are awesome!!!

Sarah said...

Didn't go to Alpine Elementary but I did a little research because I am lame like that - if it is the Ray Charles version it is day then some other sites say name. Sorry. That might not help.

Adam, Ashley, and Avery Lind said...

I learned it in Glenn Lake Elementary (Minnesota) as NAME. So one vote for name.

Steph Revelli said...

wow, so many opinions! My friend that works at an elem. school around here said that on her CD, it says, DAY. So should confess which word was your vote and which was Aaron's....haha

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...



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