Wednesday, February 3, 2010

reinforcements part two.

After my mom left, I had two whole days where I had to be "on my own" with the two kiddos. Luckily, it wasn't long before Aaron's parents came down to help us out! Thank heavens for family who loves us enough to travel long distances!! :)

Anyway, it was SO great to have their help! I was able to catch up on sleeping, have entertainment for Tillie, fantastic meals were made, and let's be honest, it is always wonderful to have people in your home who adore your kids as much as you do. Oh, and did I mention they left the house scrubbed and sparkling? Yessireee, it was great. We definitely miss them being around.

Here's some of what went on wile they were here:

*SUNBATHING. Cal has some jaundice left in his eyes and face, so the doctor has had us put him in the sun a few times a day.

Tillie felt like pulling up her chair and joining him. It was a little too bright for her taste.
Same goes for Calvin too, apparently.

I found these shades on clearance before Cal was born. I got orange so they could work for Tillie and Cal. Here they are giving them a try.

But, in the end, Tillie's shades worked best for Cal. They stayed on his head much better.
He'll thank me when he's a teenager. :)

So, of course, Tillie wanted another pair to wear... Crazy.

* Playing in the park! While Grandma was making us two home-made lasagnas at home, Grandpa and Aaron took the little Miss to the playground. I had put a sticker on her head, and she liked it, obviously. :)

If you click on this photo above, you'll see the aftermath of the sticker. Oops. Sorry, Matilda.

*Then to McDonald's they went. Oh, FYI, I was mistaken on my last post about the kid's meal---not $1.59 like I thought. Oops. Sorry to burst all your bubbles. They itemized it on my receipt, so I was mistaken. My bad!

At this moment, I'm sure she was thinking, "All is right in the world."

*Fun with Crayola COLOR WONDER markers. She was a big fan of this present that Grandma Wood brought down for her (she loves pulling this out and coloring, and I love that it doesn't get everywhere!).

She wasn't the only one who was in love with the coloring book. Aaron kept starting a page and wanted to do it PERFECT, then Tillie would come over and scribble all over it. So, he decided to do his VERY OWN page that she couldn't "ruin". Oh, brother.
Guess who's birthday is coming up? Guess who might be getting their VERY OWN Color Wonder Book? Yes, that would be Aaron. I love this shot with his parents. I could see this same picture 20 years ago. :)
What a big boy color-er he is!!

*Of course, lots of pictures of the biggest big boy of them all, Baby Calvin. He is getting so big! I saw this idea when Matilda was being photographed as a baby from my good friend, Catherine. You buy a piece of Matte Board and prop it up behind. Viola! Your very own painted wall. Well, this concept turned out MUCH better when I had some professionals do it (some of which you'll be seeing VERY VERY SOON!) get excited. But, I thought these were kind of fun. I realize I'm far from a fancy-pants-photographer. I get it. But, here's to pretending for a minute.

I think I have about 200 pictures like this. Where we only see the top of Matilda's head as she is kissing Baby Cal's stomach, or feet, or hands... you get the idea. It is pretty sweet.

*Had to get some good shots with Grandma and Grandpa Wood. So, here we are, in our favorite spot---our front porch. :) Matilda wasn't so much in the mood at the beginning. Can you tell?

Fun fun. Thanks again for coming down, Woods! We LOVED you coming. Feel free to come back ANYtime. Maybe even today? :)


a pair of pettijohns said...

you guys sure do make cute babies :) love the shades, love the BIG sister, love the rocket ship, LOVE IT ALL!

and golly, those sunny days you had...remember those? wouldn't you love a few of those again?! sheesh.

big hugs to the cutie wood family of four!

stephanie said...

thanks for all the great sharing. Those were great pics of my parents.


emily snyder said...

love love love love it!!!

Becker said...

But how is it having TWO? SOME of your readers (not to mention any names) might be interested... :) How's Cal's jaundice now? Is he all right?

Tyler and Erin said...

What darling kiddos. Thank heavens for in-laws and parents! Oh and I think you did a fantastic job of setting up your own little studio. Too cute.

alpineavery said...

The only thing missing is the beautiful mother of those darling kids!!! Thanks for your kind words, we love you!!!

Conder Family said...

Clover was very concerned that Tillie was biting that baby. I explained it to her and all is well. I can't believe how much the kids have grown. Calvin is still SO big and Tillie looks like she's going on twelve next to him....and just a month ago she looked like a baby herself...weird!


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