Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tillie Mae Day--- Jan. 5th, 2010


Well, since we knew that Tuesday was going to be the last day that it was going to be just Matilda and I (my mom was going to be flying in on Wednesday, and then you know, with the baby arriving on Friday)... I decided to declare an official Tillie Mae Day---meaning, we'd do pretty much ANY and EVERY thing that sounded good to her.

Could it be that I decided this because I'm worried about how much "individual" time she'll be getting for the next while? Yes. Could it be that I'm freaking out a little bit? Yes. I may or may not have woken up in the middle of the night, scooped Matilda out of bed just to hold her little sleeping body, and just rocked her in the rocking chair. Love that girl. For those few reasons and many many more, I wanted to do a Tillie Mae Day. So, we did.

It was really fun. We played with toys for about two hours in the morning. Literally. We just received some hand-me-down fabulous toys from our good friends, and because they are new to her, she LOVED playing with them.

Then we followed it up with "Neem" aka Finding Nemo (her most favorite video of life), where I may or may not have dozed off a little bit. :) Good parenting skills. Thank you. Agreed.

Next, we ran over to our neighbor's house who has graciously accepted the challenge of subbing for me in Primary as the chorister. Wow, kudos to her. But, in order to sweeten the deal to Matilda (not that she is old enough to really care---she loves to go "bye bye"), I told her we'd follow it up at McDonald's for a Happy Meal.

Let's talk about how great Happy Meals are at McDonalds now!? Okay. Good. It's been years since I've ordered REAL food there (I normally pop in for a yogurt parfait = heaven). But, this time we did a sit down meal. We got her a little hamburger, which she devoured all but one bite. I'm so happy she is a good eater, just like her big mama. :) And then you can choose little sliced and peeled apples with caramel (hello, delicious), and then she got her very own juice box. So much fun! And, she loved the baby toy they gave her. All for the low price of $1.59? Wow. Thank you!

So, that was fun. We came home to finish up the healthiness and make a batch of cookie dough. Tillie loves cookie dough and I love it even more. My sister introduced me to a new recipe that is, well, let's just say NOT healthy at all. Margarine AND butter? oh, yes we did. And, the recipe calls for TWO bags of chocolate chips and it makes a TON (meaning spilling-out-my-Kitchen-Aid-BIG). So I was thinking, "Wow, since I just want the dough, let's half the recipe." But when it says "3 eggs" for the full recipe, I was stumped as to how to SPLIT those 3 eggs.

I honestly thought about it for a long time, then concluded I'd better just make the WHOLE batch. Nice decision, Melissa. Of course, when Aaron got home he told me MULTIPLE ways that I could split 3 eggs, but obviously I don't have the brain for CRITICAL THINKING at this point in my life.

Now I have a ridiculous amount of cookie dough in the fridge that I think I'll have my mom freeze or something.

Anyway, the healthy option of giving a raw egg mixture to my 20 month old and to my baby in utero proved to be a surprisingly delicious decision.

We all seemed happy.

Then, Matilda, in honor of her special day, took a 2 hour nap. Glory. Glory. Hallelujah. This meant her very pregnant mother was able to do the same. Love that girl. Love big naps. I have a feeling we won't be getting very many of those in the next bit, so I've treasured each one that has come my way.

Afterward, we went outside to play and I was able to get some great shots of the big kid. It was a lot of fun.






When Aaron came home, shortly afterward, he was able to play "High High" with Matilda and his new remote controlled helicopter he received for Christmas. In the house. He is very skilled after HOURS of practice. And, it is her very most favorite game of life. They did it until the helicopter ran out of juice.

A big bath happened for the child, and she went to bed a happy happy girl. Aaron and I went to bed happy too. It was a happy day for our family of three. Pretty crazy we'll be a family of four in a minute or two. CRAZY.

So, here's to the "light dinner" that the nurse suggested. She told me this when I called to get more information about tomorrow. I still am reeling I'm supposed to just "show up" with my insurance information, ID, and my bag. Oops, forgot I'm supposed to pack one of those.

Anyway, we're praying for a healthy day all around tomorrow. Lots of love to you. Thanks for all the well wishes, friends.

p.s. I wanted to write a "retraction" for the statement I wrote, "I could go another few weeks." I said that when I was high on life or something. We're pretty much ready now. My thighs and swollen feet think so too. Good image to leave you all with. You're welcome.


Aubrey said...

What a great idea - I think I might borrow it in a couple of months. :) Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics of your new little guy!

a pair of pettijohns said...

WOW! so much tillie cuteness in ONE post!! what a fun day you had together - so glad you guys had some fun...and some sleep :)

praying for you guys tomorrow and can't WAIT to see all the wonderfulness this little guy will contribute to the fam.

loads of love and happy, healthy wishes!!

Rebecca Snyder said...

I am still nervous for her to not be the only child. I cried just reading about you getting her out of bed. But it's ok. I will wipe away the tears and be ready for the new boy by tomorrow. Good luck!

Kristen said...

Look at that CUTE big sister there. She looks so much like you and your sisters in those pictures. What a sweet day to give to her. Enjoy getting high on the smell of new baby!*jealous*

Logan and Emily said...

I love Tillie Mae Day! Brilliant. I can't believe you're going to be a FAMILY OF FOUR! WOOOHOOO! Crazy fun! Good luck, good luck and congratulations!

Becker said...

Sounds like a great day and that you were well-rewarded for your Mom-efforts in Tillie love and long naps. :) Many good feelings are being sent your way from CA. Have a great day tomorrow!

Kelsi said...

K, I love this post! What a good idea! Tillie deserves a day all to herself because soon little bro is going to take over! Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see this little guy!

emily snyder said...

miss, i am sitting in the apartment crying my eyes out!! what an awful post. i am sooo excited for little baby boy (can't wait for a name), but can't believe yesterday was the very, very last day of just tillie. still crying. ugh. good thing i'm not at school reading this - that would NOT be an effective teacher!

i think baby boy deserves me taking a day off just so i can be available to be soo excited and cry when baby comes!!!!

elements: overexposed said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting and what a fun Tillie Mae Day. Love it! Can't wait to meet the new little guy!

Much love,


The girl said...

Thats is a really cute idea. She is just adorable. By the time you read this you should have your new baby! Yay!

Tim and Melissa said...

How perfect! Sounds like such a fun day - good for you for taking the time!

I'll be thinking about you guys all day. Can't wait for the big news!!

BETH said...

What a fun day-
I love all the pictures
I wish I had cookie dough in my freezer.
Good luck.

Kristen & Brooks said...

So glad we got to stop by and see you guys this week!! ...and your post made me cry sweet!! "may or may not have scooped her out of bed"....awww. Love ya'll!! So glad your baby boy arrived happy, healthy and safe!! Can't wait to see Aarons post with details!! :)


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