Thursday, February 25, 2010

cool idea! and the man of the hour...

I subscribe to the Decor8 blog on my google reader and love seeing the rooms they feature. Anyway, today they did a feature on Jan Eleni and she put together this awesome print of kid's artwork. I think this is such a cool idea. So, for anyone who doesn't want to chuck their kiddos' drawings (or YOUR own artwork) because of space issues, consider this idea. So cool.

image via

Anyway, let's talk about life lately.
Cal is STILL perfect. Truly. Perfect baby. We don't know what we did in our former life to deserve him. We can't wait for our families to meet him very soon.

Tillie is STILL in LOVE with her rain boots (maybe I haven't talked about this yet with you). I love that she can put them on all by herself. But, I don't love how she puts them on withOUT socks. Sick.
Those wellies don't breathe very well = sweaty feet.
But, it IS pretty cute to see how much she loves them. Luckily, they are pretty darling too (and 100% washable).

Reminds me of the story my mom tells about my brother, Jesse, who used to be obsessed with BATMAN. He had a Batman biker hat (yes, with the flip up bill), Batman shorts, and a black Batman t-shirt. I've got to find the pictures... there are lots of them. In order to get the ensemble washed and clean, my mom would sneak into his bedroom and take his clothes off, and wash them in the cloak of night. My sister's first word was "Batman" because of this love. Nice.

You're welcome, Jesse. :)

We'll see how long this phase of pink-giraffe-rain-boots lasts.

Now, because I do like to take a TON of pictures of this Calvin, I thought we'd better show and tell a little more. Did I mention he is PERFECT? right, right...

the classic calvin look. gotta love those eyebrows.

**first smile caught on film. good work, calvin!**

**this is how he spends the majority of his life... when he's not smiling and singing or just being content (you DID see the above photos, right?). best. baby. ever.
my sis-in-law, kirstin, loaned me these darling shoes. she got them after her baby couldn't fit in them anymore. how do they look, kirstin? we're taking good care of them for you!

**Did I mention that Cal is a BIG BOY? Get this, 6 MONTH clothing at 6 WEEKS! Yes, I kid you not. Amazing.
I chose the photo below to illustrate those chunky monkey cheeks.

and, yes, in case anyone was curious, he IS Aaron's son. TRUE red hair and all.

wait for it...wait for it...
there we go! CHEESE!
once he starts, he can't stop. and i LOVE it.

i think he's pretty glad that we think he's perfect.
i told him to keep it a secret from his big sister.

this is what he did to show me he understood.


Aubrey said...

Adorable pictures - I love the ones at the end the best. :)

Jill said...

He is just SO cute. I love his smile!

Steffani Dastrup said...

I love the story about the bateman and the rain boots! Kids are so funny! I secretly hope that in the next month or 2 Jax develops a little obsession too! Besides the ball and truck one he's already got :)

Lyssa said...

oh cute, he's got 1 dimple, like Luke!!!
He's adorable Melissa. And such a cute idea about the print. I need to start taking pictures of Emma drawings because they are getting awesome!

Jenni K said...

That's so funny you posted this, because I just bookmarked this on Monday. I think it's such a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that great big smile made me laugh out loud!! And THEN came Tillie's tongue! Thanks for the bonus endorphins!

Becker said...

How did you get all of those shots? How many un-desireables are there still on your camera from TRYING to get these shots? :) Please please please pass on some of your perfect baby luck over California way, eh?

Katie said...

What a doll! I can't believe you find time to blog. He must be that perfect, let's his mom blog. I think some of his facial expressions look like Matilda. What fun!

Valerie said...

Both of your kids are darling Melissa! I had to laugh at the Batman story...Do you remember my oldest daughter Susie? Her first word was Batman too - back when we lived in Hong Kong. Love your blog!

mommyballs said...

He is such a cutie . . . I love when you post new pictures!!! When Grant was a toddler, he INSISTED on wearing his yellow rain boots to bed every night. SO, we let him and then snuck in and took them off once he was asleep. For awhile, he also insisted on sleeping with a Book of Mormon. Funny kids!!

a pair of pettijohns said...

dear cal,
you are a doll
and a keeper
and BIG little guy
and you have the cutest, gummy smile in the www {whole wide world AND world wide web}

love it. all.

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! First of all, I must say that as you were describing the Batman ensemble, pictures came flooding to my mind...the flipped up bill and all!!! Too funny! And, I want to see pics of little Miss Tillie in her rainboots! Can't wait! And last, yes, Cal is perfect! What a darling, big, boy! Gav is in 6-9 month clothes already, and he's only 4 months. Big boys, they should be friends!


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