Friday, February 5, 2010

double trouble.

"double trouble"?
ok, not really. but kind of. and then, kind of not.

In case you were curious, I have officially lost my mind. See above line.

So, we are alive.
Even though I have a literal MOUNTAIN of clean unfolded laundry on the couch; even though I haven't seen the wood on the kitchen table for over a week; and my bed hasn't been made for a while (ask my siblings and old roommates if that is a new thing? no, but it sounded good in this list); toys and books are permanent fixtures on the floor------it's just like Aaron told me as he was driving home from school (yes, he wasn't able to get home 'till 8:40 p.m. (and yes, I was watching the clock)), our children are clean, they have clean clothes to wear, full tummies, and a mom who loves her family.

Good points. I knew I liked him.

It has definitely been a transition. I knew it would be. But, I didn't realize how hard it would be to accomplish REGULAR BASIC HUMAN NEEDS---like that of showering. I vowed that I would never be that woman in the grocery store line with the mega greasy hair and pj pants and a sweatshirt---wow, I can now see how it happens. Next time I see someone like that, I'll have to buy them a candy bar, give them a hug, and tell them I'm praying for them---or something. I know I could go for a candy bar right about now. TIME OUT. Oh, don't you worry. I just found one in the pantry. All is well.

is it me? or do their heads look like they are almost the same size? hA!

Luckily, I haven't ventured out of these four walls often, and when I have, just to let you know, I HAVE been showered, kids are dressed, and we "look" pretty pulled together.

I told my mom the other day that I'd be fine never leaving my house again. Sure, one day I'll probably change my mind on the matter, but for now, honestly, it just takes so much effort.

Case in point? I was on my way out to grab ONE thing at a store (which I had called ahead, they pulled my ream of paper from their stock, I gave them my credit card over the phone, and my favorite & nicest employee friend volunteered to run it out to the car for me = good service!). Anyway, I had both kids ready to be put in the car when all of a sudden I smell a poopy diaper from Miss Tillie. Then, as I'm washing my hands afterward, Mr. Cal decides he wanted to "clear his system" as well. I couldn't very well allow him to sit in a full diaper, so I unbuckle him out of his car seat and proceed to change his diaper.

Poopy pants happen.
And, that's okay.

But, it's when they happen within minutes of each other that it gets a little tricky. On the bright side, my hands have never been more washed and cleaned as they are now in life. Also, my sweet friend, Ashley, gave me some schnazzy Mary Kay peach soap, so the whole "washing my hand" experience is what I imagine a spa treatment would be like.

Tillie is doing pretty well, given the circumstances. She is SO sweet with "Baby Cal" and whenever he cries, she rushes to him as she's yelling, "Uh Oh, Mama!" We're trying to teach her when it is "appropriate" to help him with his binky (she tries to give it to him, gently, but ends up poking out his eyes, putting it up his nose, etc.) and then sometimes she decides that he DOESN'T need the binky anymore and yanks it from his little mouth. No one is happy when this happens. So, we're working towards a happier future.

see? she is pretty sweet with him.

Matilda is also realizing a new freedom she has when I am stationary and feeding Calvin for 45+ minute intervals. Yeah, that's a lot of freedom for a wee toddler, my friends. The only REAL scary event was during another feeding, when I realized Matilda had been FAR too quiet. I get up and see that she had scooted her high chair over to the counter, climbed up, and was in the process of unplugging the toaster. Oh, did I mention the KNIFE drawer was wide open too? Nice. That was a finer parenting moment in my life. Since that day, I have made the necessary changes in hopes that they won't happen again.

Oh, and while we were at the dr.'s office last week, Matilda was able to escape from my grasp not once, not twice, but THREE times (a lady. couldn't resist). One time was in the parking lot, another was as we were getting onto the elevator. Let's talk about me freaking out, shall we? Not fun. Again, we're now working towards a brighter, happier, and SAFER future.

So, we're here. We've been taking lots of pictures of Cal, playing blocks, watching movies (maybe too often), sleeping, eating, trying to convince Tillie that she can't, in fact, get away with EVERYthing, and, of course, changing lots of diapers. :)

Calvin is a CHAMPION eater (he's already in 3 month clothing at 3 weeks of life... whaaaat?!) and weighed in at 11 pounds for a 3 week appointment. And, that darling child sleeps so well that sometimes I am worried he might have narcolepsy (and I'm not on Lortab anymore). Did I mention he's so laid back? Matilda can be singing and/or screaming right next to him and he doesn't care at all. He's just hanging out, almost like he's just glad to be here. Blessed child.

Truly, I don't think he could be any more perfect. Here are some more "sunbathing" shots where he and I were just hanging out on my bed. Love that little face.

caught him during a sneeze. cute. cute.

another reason why we named him after his father. get a load of those feet! and again, the toe span. Amazing.

He is so darling. Yes, we'll definitely be keeping him forever.
the end. for now.


The girl said...

Great post by the way, and nice work...two big posts in two days! Your kids are sure cute...and you make me laugh! See you soon!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

The good gets easier, you will WANT to get out of the house so you don't go crazy, the kids WILL eventually play together (sometimes without fighting), life will even out and here's the kicker YOU WILL HAVE TIME TO SHOWER!!!!! You gotta love life right?

I love your optimism and I think your kids are SO cute!

Becker said...

WOW, Melis. That was enlightening, encouraging and horrifying all at the same time. You are so upbeat and so optimistic! You see the beautiful in so many of the mundane, even downright trying, moments of life and seem to be MADE to be the best mama there is. Thank you for showing me it's possible, and for being REAL in this post. You are positive without being fake, and I appreciate that. You recognize that it's tough, but are loving the journey, and I'm grateful for that example. I need to be thinking to myself, "BE Melissa. BE THE Melissa!" when I'm going nuts or about to lose it when they're both poopy and crying at the same minute. Wish me luck! I hope I can handle motherhood of 2 with half the grace you are managing!

Tyler and Erin said...

So are you trying to scare me out of my mind of having two kids or what? oops... too late. But all those cute pics make me a little excited. :-) Ok I'm excited but just scared. Ahh! 5 weeks is too soon.

Denise and Brandon said...

oh this brings me back. So glad I'm not the only one. I remember expecting the worst before Kaleb was born and the reality turned out to be worse than I imagined. But of course it gets better. I just fell into the slot of being able to shower again. Brayden's just old enough to behave unsupervised for a little bit and Kaleb is just young enough to stay in his crib. It's wonderful. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, 2 was a big adjustment for me too. It's a whole new level of parenting. Not so sure it ever calms down, especially if you keep having more kids, but after a while you figure out how to function in the midst of it or you just forget what it was like to have folded laundry or something like that. I'm mad too so I'm not so no advice from me.

The kids look great and I love that you guys are looking at the military - go overseas if you do it!!

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

MiSS!!! I love when you blog! Your kids are adorable and I love your humor. I think you're great!

Mark & Bek said...

He is really cute, and big. It's nice to hear that people are overwhelmed with new babies. I was completely overwhelmed with Russ and he was just one. It just makes me feel better about the upcoming future. It's ok if we don't leave the house for a couple of months, right? Your writing makes me laugh every time.

Katie said...

Wow! You are superwoman! I can just see Tillie getting away from you any time you go out. Preston loves to run from me, I can't imagine having an infant seat to juggle as well. Good thing to stay home and get things done there. You inspire me though. Again, amazing!

Whitney said...

Love the new pictures! And I know what you mean about being glad! Nothing is greater than watching your child grow up...and hanging out all day...even if I watch too many movies...or sleep through them while Nina watches! Love you!

Steffani Dastrup said...

I love this post Melissa! Life with 2 definitely looks both overwhelming and completely wonderful! Tillie is so sweet with Calvin!

Hey, do you remember when you were preggo with TIllie and I saw you at the airport? Well about 2 weeks ago we were once again and the airport and I saw your mom! I'm not sure she would have known who I was so I didn't say hi, but I thought it was way funny that everytime we go to the airport we see a Snyder! Hopefully next time it will be you!

Easton said...

He is precious, Melissa. Your kids are too cute!!!


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