Tuesday, February 16, 2010

livin' the lucky life.

jennifer wildey photography_9727

Our dear friend, miss jen wildey, was able to take some precious photos of this baby of ours. It was so nice to have her come into our home and take them HERE, where we are 98% of our lives, instead of a studio somewhere.

jennifer wildey photography_9855

jennifer wildey photography_9860

jennifer wildey photography_9874

jennifer wildey photography_9751
gotta love that Cal has Aaron's feet.

jennifer wildey photography_9742
yes, so does she!

jen wildey photography_9936

jen wildey photography_9973

jen wildey photography_9941

jen wildey photography_9951

La-la-love these shots. She has even more darling ones on her website. You should definitely check out her skills.

Thank you, Jen, for capturing many of the crazy sweet expressions this little one makes. And, getting Tillie still enough to get them together? Awesome.

Two great kiddos who are healthy and happy. Doesn't get much better than this.


Tyler and Erin said...

So so precious!

Kali said...

Melissa and Aaron! He is precious. Love the pics.

Becker said...

SO sweet! I love that she captured the purity and the pure love of little ones. Cal LOOKS like he came straight from Heaven, and Matilda looks so loving to her little brother. Great pics!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

Your kids are soooo beautiful!

Adams Family said...

beautiful baby calvin!
beautiful tillie!
love the pics!! =)

adam wood said...

He looks like a little hot dog . . . so cool.

Sarah said...

So cute - I love all of the pictures of the two of them

Leslie said...

Awesome pics Melissa! I love them all! I think my fav is the one with all the wrinkles on his back...I love baby wrinkles! Gavin has filled all his out already...so sad they get big WAAAAAAY too fast!

Shaela said...

Love the lighting.
Love the whites.


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