Friday, March 13, 2009

we are different.

perhaps I should have attended this meeting. oh well. it was for bikes anyhow...

aaron and melissa are two very different people.

often times I'll quote from I am Sam, "how can we be so different and feel so much alike?"---love that movie by the way. Remember this line? " P.S. I love you like in a song, I love you like in a song." Man alive! good stuff.

ANYWAY, the point is this. Aaron reacts to situations MUCH differently than I would. Which, in most cases, is a very good thing.

Take this story, for example. On Wednesday, Aaron was talking to me on the way home from school. He tells me approximately where he is and says, "I'll be home in about 12 minutes..." (he's really good at estimating driving time. I stink at that game).

So, I start re-heating dinner (yes, when I go to the effort of making dinner once, you can bet we'll have enough for about 3-4 more meals), and look at the clock and think to myself, "huh, it's been more than a half hour. I better give that boy a jingle" (those were my exact thoughts--"boy" and "jingle" happened in my mind).

So, he answers and says he just pulled into the subdivision and the reason it took so long was because he discovered he had a flat tire. So, he pulled over, put on a spare, and proceeded home.

I was SHOCKED that he had a flat tire and hadn't heard anything. But then, I remembered, Aaron is Aaron and he is not Melissa.

Had the same event happened to me, I would have first pulled over to see what was going on, then proceed to panic, then dial Aaron, and depending on the hour of the day---start crying. Then, I'd probably call my mom and perhaps cry to her. Then, depending on how long it was taking to be rescued, call my sisters and share the mishap with them.

After all this thinking to myself, I decided this:
1). I'm glad I have a support group.
2). Thank heavens for cell phones.
3). It's time to learn how to change a tire.

Moral of the story. Aaron and I are different, and that's okay. And, in this scenario, I'm glad the flat tire happened to him and not me (no offense, Aaron).
I think he'd agree.


emily snyder said...

amen amen amen amen!!! perfect story. perfect illustration. i love you. i love aaron. period.
AND i am loving Australia - the movie - notsomuch the country.

emily snyder said...

okay so please tell your friends - michelle and sarah that they need to invite me to see their blog!!!! i so hate the privacy thing!!

Kristen said...

I LOVE the movie I Am Sam! I think I even did a blog post about it a few years back.

lizzy said...

I'm glad it didn't happen to you either.

Kristen & Brooks said...

you are too cute. i love reading your funny stories!! it must just be a guy thing too...the tire changing and the time

Tim and Melissa said...

I always get a good laugh out of reading your blog!! I'm so glad it was Aaron and not you too!!

azufelt said...

So the funny part for me is that I know HOW to change a tire, I think I could even do it all by myself. BUT, I would definitely make all those same phone calls first. Then I would change the tired, THEN I would call them all again to share in my triumph over changing the tire on my own!

And really, the part I am most proud of you for, was preparing something for dinner when he said he was on his way home!

azufelt said...

You rock, for real.

I'm bummed I missed the calorie fest tonite, I'll have to look up how fatty my triple-fat-fried meal was!!

Thanks for the good thoughts about the stapler and ol' St. Nick... I better start getting a letter drafted to the old guy now, just to be safe!

You crack me up.

I'm lovin' the new bed!

Jill said...

I love this story! I definitely need to learn how to change a tire too!

Sarah said...

I did learn once upon a time and had to change my tire up at school. Can you believe it - like 3 boys past (plus cars) and only ONE offered to help -- when I was putting the last bolt on.
PS - Yes, Dr. Dave is Dave Lind - he is the best. I just didn't want people to feel bad if they didn't have him for their anesthesiologist... but they should :)

Logan and Emily said...

I love this post. You described me to a T!


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