Monday, March 23, 2009

oh, that aaron.

Kids say the darndest things.
I am very well aware of this fact.
And, consequently, I am a big fan of little kids and the things they come up with.

I was tempted to put on the sidebar some funny things that have come out of this kid's mouth (aka Aaron). Even though he is my husband, sometimes, I swear, he is 7 years old. I'm not mocking, just stating a fact. I can honestly see him as a 7 year old half the time. No wonder he wants to go into pediatric dentistry. He wants to work on his pals. But, ahhh, I digress...

Every so often, I'll be putting up a sampling of a recent conversation. Why? Because I feel that you, the public, need to benefit from the delight that is Aaron.

Friday, March 13, 2009. 12:02 a.m.

me: "Aaron, what would you say is your favorite meal? Like, if you could eat one last meal, what would it be?"

him: "I guess it would be fried cheese."

me: "So, like ravioli?"

him: "No, fried cheese."

me: "So, like mozzarella sticks?"

him: "No, just like cheddar thrown on a skillet."

Thanks, seven year old. I, for one, would choose a much better meal. But, whatev, seven year olds like what they like.


Oh, and in case you needed another beautiful image for your brain---try this one on for size.

goodness. this child. beautiful.

and here is a recent pillow i made. i'm having fun making these things. my mom helped me figure out how to do them and i've even taught a few peeps how. soon, i'll post the you-tube videos we made (yes, we're THAT high tech) and .pdf file with instructions. Easy cheesy.
Anyway, Matilda seems to like them too.

peace out. yo.


The girl said...

She is beautiful! How funny. Fried cheese. Who knew that was a meal! IF I liked that, I would have at least said a Cafe Rio Pork Salad with creamy dressing, and a side of fried cheese. Ha!

emily snyder said...

one of the many many reasons we love aaron. AND the pic are one of the many reasons we love tillie. AND the fact that you are back to a bit more frequent blogging is one of the reasons we love you!! mary jones scoresby and got to hang out for a bit saturday night. yep, she LoVeS your blog. as do i. :)

Rebecca Snyder said...

fried cheese: like at tgi fridays once when him and tyler got the double cheese cheeseburger with the fried cheese patty.

Kristen & Brooks said...

love the pictures!!! the first one looks so old!!!! second one is gorgeous!!! fancy picture taking skills! :) fried cheese is pretty

stephanie said...

I hear that boys turn into men sometime after age 40, but I will believe it when I see it. My aaron admits a little too freely that he is a little boy. He's more of a teenager than a seven-year-old, but he is stuck in a high school all day, can you blame him?


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