Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh, that aaron. part two.

aaron: "Can I be a man and still like Mariah Carey?"
me: "No."
aaron: "Guess I can't be a man, because I just love that Mariah Carey."
(all this as he pumps up the smooth jam).

oh brother.

clarification---he thinks her music is awesome. her? not so much.
I am definitely not a big fan of HER, per say, but I will admit, she is a little bit of a hit maker.
  • 1990 - "Vision Of Love"
  • 1990 - "Love Takes Time"
  • 1991 - "Someday"
  • 1991 - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
  • 1991 - "Emotions"
  • 1992 - "I'll Be There"
  • 1993 - "Hero"
  • 1993 - "Dream Lover"
  • 1995 - "Fantasy"
  • 1995 - "One Sweet Day" (w/ Boyz II Men)
  • 1996 - "Always Be My Baby"
  • 1997 - "Honey"
  • 1998 - "My All"
  • 1999 - "Heartbreaker"
  • 1999 - "Thank God I Found You"
  • 2005 - "We Belong Together"
  • 2005 - "Don't Forget About Us"
I was going to attach a picture of her, but I can't/won't. I think my mom needs to teach her a little lesson on modesty. Honestly, I want to throw her a jacket. Pah-lease. Not cool, Mariah.

So, yes, I do not support her way of dressing, but you have to admit, there are a few great songs listed above. I found them here.

ANYWAY, this is the emotion I felt when Aaron disclosed the above fact.

the end. for now.


Martins said...

Your blog is so fun to read. You are so creative and Aaron keeps things interesting :) Thats what husbands are for, right? Matilda is a doll! I love the little red shoes.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I"m with Aaron, I love Mariah.....I think there was a three month period of time in college when everytime I got into the car I would blast "I can make it through the rain......" (one of her lesser known hits) and sing at the top of my lungs.

Too bad she thinks looking like a Jimmy Dean sausage crammed into a mini dress is high fashion.

Blake, Mandi, and Browen said...

I am not a fan. . . .of Mariah. I always felt like her songs were just a backup chorus singing the same tune over and over again while she sings insanely high notes/ but no words. I know. . . . HOW COULD I DISS such a classic. . . . .To each his own.

Tim and Melissa said...

HaHa! I just love reading your blog! I always find myself chuckling. Thanks...and I like some of her songs too. :)

Kajsa said...

you guys are just tooooo funny!! im already thinking about how we are gonna miss yall come next year!

lizzy said...

is that the wooden ball that you had to take away? oooohhhh!!! so sad!

love aunt lizzy!


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