Sunday, March 1, 2009

onesie extenders??

let's talk.

okay, Matilda is a long child. It makes sense, Aaron is her dad.
Nuff said.

So, I heard about something called a "onesie extender" that enables the child to get a little more wear out of her little onesies. So, I have been looking online and found these ones from "One Step Ahead Baby" (gotta love the name), and curious has anyone ever purchased these before? Or something similar? Did they work well?

Any information you have, would be great. Otherwise, I'll just get this 10 pack and call it a day. And, hopefully it will not be a waste of money.
So, let me know if you have any wisdom you'd like to throw my way.
Thanks, peeps.
Crazy that she is only 10 months and starting to wear 18 month clothing! Whaaaat?!


Denise and Brandon said...

Brayden is a very long child as well. I got these from the "One Step Ahead" website. They were incompatable with every single onsie I owned. The snaps didn't fit. I had read some reviews on the website of others who said the same thing but listed specific brands that I didn't own so I thought I would try them out anyway. They didn't even work on a halloween costume onsie that I bought from them. Carter onsies are the longest ones I've found that worked really well for her.

Denise and Brandon said...

I think the brands of onsies I had were gerber, carters, and miniwear. If you use different brands maybe they'll work for you.

stampinashley said...

I am a FAN of onsie extenders... for real. Although I am not sure which brand they are, I'm pretty sure they came from Babiesrus, about 8 years ago (sweet, right, like they probably still have them!) I would check in the store.

Mine work with every onesie I have owned, from wal-mart to children's place, and everything in between. I think I only had about 4-5 though, and now am down to 3, good thing they are the most common ones!

I never ran into a problem with the snaps not fitting up, so maybe look for a different brand to be sure?

I think they are totally awesome!

stampinashley said...

Ooh, just a little "martha stewart thought" .... You could make your own. I'm pretty sure that Kelly knows how to apply a snap to fabric, then you could just go to the sewing store and pick out the right sizes that you need... and heck, nobody really sees the crotch extender, so how pretty does it need to get?

Kristen & Brooks said...

i have no experience with these...but I have seen them at Babies R maybe you could check them out in person...or if they don't work you could return them and not have to deal with shipping??

Lyssa said...

IF she's anything like Emma, she'll be wanting to wear those onesies till she's in 2nd grade!
Those look good. I just got sick of onesies after they get so big. It's easier for t-shirts and pants!
But good luck in your decision!


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