Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the tale of a love.

Aaron totally won. He did. Contest over. Good job.

So, a little background info. might be nice, yes?

I have been bugging Aaron to write me a note for QUITE some time. This dates back to my first Mother's Day being a mother. Yes, it was right after Matilda was born. I told him, "You don't need to go out and buy me a gift... just write me a good note and I'll be happy."

Well. Nothing happened.

Same story, different holiday. Birthday: no. Christmas: no. Anniversary: no. So, let's just say, I wasn't too happy. Yes, we went out to dinner to celebrate these occasions, but that wasn't something meaningful---rather, a good excuse to not cook myself.

So, I told Aaron that my hopes were high for Valentine's Day 2009. I said something along the lines of, "This isn't acceptable. By you doing NOTHING it says to me that I am not important or worth your thought."----and, I was serious about him doing something great, or else we'd have some MAJOR problems in life.

So, the pressure was DEFINITELY on. Sorry, but what's a borderline-insecure-girl to do?

Well, my friends, he delivered. Look at what I woke up to.
Try a 7 page letter. With illustrations. I won't include every page, but a few highlights:
(click image to enlarge)

So, we did it.

matilda at breakfast. a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

sticky bun goodness. thank you for that delight.

Went to Guenther House and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Matilda was happy. It was great. I went upstairs and bought some cute tall red birthday candles for Matilda's 1st birthday cupcakes, and a bag of gingerbread mix that my friend, Mandee, had raved about.

Next we went to Cavender's Boot City. We spent over two hours checking out boots, trying them on, Aaron changing a poopy diaper in the middle of the walkway---and right then, customers walked by. SAD for everyone involved!

Tried on lots of boots. Decided on this pair.

Then, off to the massage therapy school where I got a ONE HOUR massage. It was great. I felt comfortable and I had a really nice older lady---for some reason I was worried it would be a guy my age or something, and then I'd be all nervous/weirded out. Luckily, it was an old lady. Whew! Disaster averted!!

Some parts hurt when she was trying to get out, in her words, "the largest knot she had seen" (nice)... she would put all her weight on her elbow and dig into me. Not fun. Almost cried, but did feel better in the end. Good times. I get used to that treatment...

(side note: it was so great that I even had my mom get one when she came to town. For $20, why not?! She, too, thoroughly enjoyed the experience).

THEN! We went to La Madeline for Lunch. I got a chicken cordon bleu sandwhich, which really wasn't that awesome, and Aaron got some french something (shocker there!)... all in all, though, it was great. And, Matilda LOVED their free bread.

Great day. When we got home, I even got to take a nap. Best day!! It was great.

I loved the note, especially.

I look at it all the time.

Aaron totally delivered.

best. valentine's day. ever.

(second side note: i have since taken BACK the boots. (insert gasp! here). you see, even though I have looked/waited/saved up for/deliberated for over three years about these boots---in the end, I couldn't swallow the price for those specific puppies. Seriously, it was expensive. So, I think I'll use that money toward a wide format printer instead... and opt for a cheaper pair of boots too. Yes, if you do the math, it would equal the total cost for the original pair of boots. You see, I'm SOMEWHAT practical. And, perhaps, this way, I can have my cake AND eat it too. (Aaron thinks I use that statement WAY too often. Whatev.)

good times. happy am I.


emily snyder said...

AARON is the all-star!!!!!!!!!!!! i am thrilled for him to give my future husband a few pointers!! :)

i totally support the return of the boots!

The girl said...

How sweet...and fun! Sounds like it was worth the wait!

a pair of pettijohns said...

love how you love each other.
aaron - way to go. and the award for husband of the year goes to YOU!

Rebecca Snyder said...

wow. that sticky bun. guenther house is calling my name. I especially liked Aaron's hand-drawn pictures.
p.s. Matilda: stop letting your parents give you a mohawk.

Kristen said...

Boo, I loved the boots. I will be on the look out for some cheap ones for you :) So, next time you go to La Madeline you HAVE to get the tomato soup. I am not even a soup person-never get it, always get the salad, but I LOVE it so much. So good. And where is this school? I get my massages at this place that I thought was cheap but for $20 you can't beat that. I don't care if it is students. And tell me the lady's name because I love hard massages. I hate when they don't use enough pressure.

AND Aaron is seriously the man.

Kristen & Brooks said...

so so cute! I'm glad you shared some of your sweet letter!!! I too was very nervous about getting a massage and wanted an old was worth it and I would do it again...but she was probably about my age...I didn't luck out with the old lady...

Katie said...

You sound just like me! In your post about the flat tire.. I would have been the same. Also, I would have returned the boots even though I wanted them for 3 years, if i felt they were too expensive. So funny how us women are. Love the note and when our husbands show us that they are really softies inside!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, Aaron. You even understand the overly practical nature of women and paid ahead of time and didn't leave it up to discussion. 2 thumbs up, bravi, and all that jazz~!


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