Wednesday, March 4, 2009

domestification... again.

So, the blog is lacking.

Which is ironic, because almost everyday something happens or I think about something and I think to myself, "I should blog about that..."---yet here we are, lacking.
Sorry. Tough luck, Charlie.
Which leads me to my next thought, "Cheer up, Charlie..." Thanks, Willy Wonka.
Ahh... I digress.

So, this whole new phase of my life called "Domestification" has been an interesting one. An interesting phase, indeed. There are many perks to this new life, but then so many non-perky things. I have this cycle: Do what I SHOULD do before I do what I WANT to do.

But, I realize that there are TONS of things I SHOULD be doing---thus leaving no time for what I WANT. But, this is the "Catch 22", because really, I enjoy things like a real dinner (not that cereal isn't wonderful ALL the time...), having a clean house, dishes done (for the most part)---but the problem is this: It is a RINSE and REPEAT cycle EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, I have been seeing a little monotony in my life.

So, again, I find a balance is necessary. Because if I continue on this path that I am on right on, I will most likely turn to metal and slowly become a robot instead of who I really am.

Ahhh... lessons learned. So, with that said, I am not saying that I will necessarily be bloggin' a TON more---but I think it's safe to say:
Melissa's comin' around the mountain once again.
CHoo ChOOoo!

with that said, let's adore the beautiful child, shall we? yes, let's.

these two are funny, because she is singing her heart out in these. she LOVES to sing/scream.

Way to be, Matilda. 10 months later, you still are pretty darn cute.

These next ones were taken on Aaron's birthday eve when the Jessops came over on a little walk. I thought it was special that Tim and Aaron had called each other to plan their outfits in advance, and had to capture the moment on film. Little Dylan completes the fun.

This one is pretty tricky. Who knew you could fit THREE kids on one stroller? What cute kids.

So, good enough post to start? Good. I'm glad you think so.


erin said...

I vote we have a girls night, and you explain how you make those super artsy and awesome pictures you made. I love your style! I want something fun like that in my house! Really, you could make and sell those because I'm sure everyone loves them!

erin said...

Oh, and little Tilly is a doll!! Such cute pictures! :)

Leanne said...

I'm one of Becca's old S Club 7/freshman friends...haha. Hope you'll forgive me for spying on your blog, but I read Becca's frequently and notice your link on her page.'s nice to know that I'm not the only one in the "doing what I want/doing what I should" conflict...I'm going through that right now!!!! Thanks for making me feel not so alone in this world. :)

Katie said...

I totally relate with you on the RINSE and REPEAT cycle...I have so many "project" ideas but feel like I spend my whole day "keeping up" around the have inspired me to have some balance and work on some crafts, etc...
Oh, and by the Matilda is a doll!

lizzy said...

oooo i love the picture with winnie the pooh!!!! so cute!

Tyler and Erin said...

I love the stringy thing? What's is it called. You are so creative. Is it paper or fabric in the back? Looks fabulous and Tillie is a doll! Oh and I heard on the video you guys are getting PT help for Tillie. Don't stress too much. Peyton didn't crawl until she was over 10months and wasn't the most stable but picked up other skills later on (like walking) really quickly.


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