Wednesday, October 1, 2008

guadalupe river!

ahh, the guadalupe river.
we went with a few of our young women, and it was pretty swell.
here are some pictures.

that darling little Gracie was born just 6 days after Matilda... don't worry, she is such a cutie!

Oh, and we were trying out new functions on our camera---don't worry, you aren't trippy. it's the camera.
peace out.

oh, p.s. nicole, i don't know why i don't have any of you?? what? (she was my partner in crime in regards to the discovering of new functions on the camera! she is really smart with these kind of things! thanks!)


Katie said...

What a doll! And thanks for your comment on my blog. I started preston on rice at around 5 months. I actually tried a little earlier but he didn't like it much. Now he is lapping the stuff up AND sleeping through the night, a major milestone for us. So, I am loving baby food. I make some of it myself because I got a good idea from a lady in my ward. You buy a whole can of peas, carrots (whatever you want to feed) salt, or sugar free and blend in blender. Then, fill ice cube trays with food and freeze. One ice cube is about a serving. It's easy and cheap!
Hope things go well. Tillie again is a doll. Maybe we should have an arranged marriage :)

Sorry for the long comment

Ryan and Nicole said...

Let's be honest, there were plenty of others to take pictures of that day :) I have a great shot of you, Tillie, and the water bottle-it was pretty amazing! Our cameras are pretty dang cool!

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my blessed day. I almost started crying when I saw that picture of her with her nose scrunched up! So Adorable. Ok lots of love- bye

annie and jared said...

oh my melissa, she is so dang cute. seriously, she is a little beauty! i am jealous of your garage sale finds- i really need to hit some up because we really need a high-chair. she is ADORABLE!

emily snyder said...

oh my heavens!!! tillie looks so perfect!!!!
fun camera techniques!! i miss you!

BETH said...

I love that you made the water blue instead of green

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

She is a doll Melis...I'm not sure if I have told you that before?! :) Anyway, fun little outing!

lizzy said...

o my goodness!!!! she is the custest babe ever!!!! did i ever tell you that i think that it is so unfair that mom and em get to go and i have to wait for four months!!!!!!!!! if you ask me that is way to long for me to see my little tillie mae!!!!!!

aunt lizzy!!!

ps. we need to keep on doing ichat cuz we haven't been good with it lately.

Mandee said...

SHE is ADORABLE!!!! I think she just keeps getting cuter the older she gets! Love it!

elements: overexposed said...

What function do you have it on? Please share!


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