Friday, October 31, 2008

boo-yah, america.

I saw that phrase written on an old Mexican La-Bamba car window.
It brought joy to my heart and a tear to my eye.

I still love to say it. Sing it with me, "BoO-YaH, AmEriCa!"

I just voted. Yes, I joined the "early birds" and voted today. Being that this was my first voting experience (since, yes, I just turned 18), I have to say, I was surprised at the feeling of gladness I experienced as I walked out of the city hall. The sun was shining a little brighter, the birds were singing a little louder (those blasted grackles!), and all in all, I was happy.

Yes, I felt a sense of civic pride, people.

Now, what could possibly top that feeling? I'll tell you.
A-dawg (he hates it when I call him that) just called me on his way home from school (11:00 a.m., mind you!) AND!!! (mind reels there could be more) he was on his way to the City Hall. Mr. I'm-Not-Going-To-Vote-Because-My-Vote-Doesn't-Matter is actually standing in line right now to vote. !!!

(Yes, I tried asking him, "what if everyone in america was like you? then where would we be?"---but alas, now he has TRICKED me and TREATED me!)
ha. little halloween joke.

Wonder of wonder. Miracle! Miracle!

Shocker of all shocks.

Good on ya, mate.

Today is a good day. Halloween is here, candy is everywhere, we are a voting family, and I'm making home-made soup (pray for us). Let freedom ring, my friends.

p.s. Aaron, if you really did vote for the "other" candidate, just to discount MY vote (like you threatened on the phone), you are dead meat. Dead meat with a captial "D".


Kristen said...

We went by your house trick or treating but no one was home :( I totally get the feeling too when I voted. It was nice. And also nice to get it checked off my list early and at my convenience.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh because it sounds like the same conversations Jared and I have had about voting. I called him one day to tell him it was the last day to register in our loverly new state, he gave me the shrug, I don't care, not gonna vote. He made me so mad and he knew it, then his absentee ballot shows up in the mail...
Way to vote my friends! I'm so proud of you and your home made soup and your very smiley Tillie!

Lyssa said...

Wahoo on voting early@ Joe and I both hit the library yesterdday too. I went at 7:40 PM and there was no line! I walked right in, voted and felt great! Totally know what you mean about civic pride!

elements: overexposed said...

Loved your New England pics and love the falls there even more. Although, ours is quite beautiful this year.

Good for you to vote...will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Very scary!

annie and jared said...

melissa- loved the boston pics, so jealous. and about the voting biz, i am officially scared for us. there goes the american dream of working hard to make a lot of money, now it will be more like "work really hard to pay for everyone else". i really hope it won't get that bad, but i am worried. (i am assuming you voted for mccain, but if you didn't, then i still think you are great)

motherpartridge said...

What? Aaron going to the dark side? My wonderful husband came home and offered to give me his votes only because I had studied up on everything and he felt the Big vote did not count in Utah anyway. Truth is I didn't really care about the big vote, I was concerned about the locals. How was that for considerate? Thanks for sharing your Mom for a few days. We had a great time and I love her dearly!

bryce and sarah said...

Ha! I totally remember seeing that truck with you! Booyah!
Melis, so proud of you for voting. But you know what I'm even MORE proud of you for? Your sweet baby girl plastered all over your blog! I LOVE HER!!! SHE is the wonder of wonder, MIRACLE! MIRACLE! Are we agreed? Agreed.
She is so old and so BEAUTIFUL! Just like her mother. Where has the time gone!?

Madz said...

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