Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bensey's birth announcement, christmas, and moving card! 2012

So, in efforts to save money, I decided to take pictures of the wee baby boy for his birth announcements. Shouldn't be too hard, right? YEAH, RIGHT! It's hard work when you have the pressure to make it good (and that's all pressure from me!). Here are some of the contenders! Three month old Bensey boy is looking MIGHT delicious! I heart this baby!!!

I almost didn't post these next ones, but I think they are too funny. Not to be crass, but the bear cub is filling his pants and working hard for the money. HA! Looking so cute in that darn bear hat, though!

While we're posting pictures for the birth announcement, I'll post the pics we were figuring out to use for the rest of our card. It was a "kill three birds with one stone" (hate that phrase!) card: Birth Announcement, Christmas card, and moving announcement. Here we are in 2012:
(these below are the ones our family friend, Nina, took earlier this summer)

And here's how it turned out in the end! I was very happy with it! I drew our house on the computer and used the phrase I found on a similar type of card I'd seen on the "Oh, Beautiful Paper" blog. "We've been busy... movin' houses, having babies, gettin' festive." I wish I was the clever one to come up with the phrase, but why reinvent the wheel!?! 

Happy to have had the time and means to create things I love. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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