Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spoooooky Halloween 2012

Okay, random Halloween update. In order to keep a "spooky" tone for this post, I put on this photo of sweet Benny on our video monitor. I know he looks kindof scary in this night vision photo---but I gotta say, having a video monitor has been this anxious mama's SAVING GRACE! Truly. I love being able to spy on him and see if he's really sleeping, listen to his little coo's, his singing and babbling, if he's crying is it b/c he's tangled up in his blankets? So so so so great. Best baby purchase we've ever made. Truly. I love it.

I made Andes Mint cookies. They were delish and creepy looking. I should make them again asap.

Okay, I think this is my most favorite outfit of his. I loved the pics of Cal in these outfits, and of course, I love every pic of Benny in this striped shirt too! And the pictures with the hat? Throw me overboard. I mean, come on! Do babies COME any cuter than this? NO! the answer is a RESOUNDING NO! my heart. Enjoy these next pics. 

Tillie is figuring out how to take selfies. Oh dear! Look out world!

Ward Trunk-Or-Treat. Woody, Cinderella, and a dad who doesn't like to support his new-born baby's head! GAH! Aaron! Focus, man!

Love my two dinosaur boys! Cal was the one to point out that they were matching. Can you tell he was pretty pleased with this fact?!  Benny was super excited too. Right?

Aaron wanted to show how quickly a few accessories can turn a sweet Woody cowboy into a gangster-thug.  Thank you, Aaron.

Who knows what these two kooks are doing, but Til sure looks sassy.

So, I'm a sucker. And crack under pressure. I was checking out something from this guy in the middle of no-where, all by myself (kids in car with movie running) in his really nice storage shed, (I sound really smart!) and he convinced me to buy these matching twin beds that turn into a bunk bed. I liked how simple/solid they looked, but I didn't realize how stubby/short the headboards would be, b/c it's made for bunk bed! ARGH! Oh well. They are ours now. 

The kids were supposed to be sleeping, but wanted to look through a catalog instead. Sheesh!

I made home-made soup. Chicken noodle soup. Obviously, things like this don't happen very often, so I felt the need to record it.  Check. Recorded! Be proud!  Look how steamy and warm it looks. ;)

Why do we force weather people to go outside and report about terrible storms?! She was literally BLOWING away and I was screaming at my tv saying "GET INSIDE, WOMAN! What in the heck are you doing?!" Stuff like this stresses me out. 

And when I get stressed, this little baby gets stressed too, apparently. Can you see his concern?
"Mom, are you gonna make it?" No, son. No, I'm not.

Princess Jasmine. Shut the front door. Or, stand right in front of it. SO CUTE!

Aaron thought it was preposterous that we weren't gonna carve a pumpkin. I think carving pumpkins stink. Literally. And it's wet, squishy, and cold and overall, unpleasant. Obviously, Aaron thinks I'm crazy. So, he took matters into his own hands and carved a mini pumpkin. 
I mean, look at how happy this process is making everyone. Fine! Enjoy your stinky carving process! I'll happily sit out on this one and take pictures instead!

Look who flew into town JUST IN TIME for Halloween!! Princess Snow White, herself! Is Auntie Emmy a good sport or what?! We about died when we saw her awesome costume! So much fun! Becca took off from work a little early and jetted up in her cowgirl garb to accompany our little cow-poke! So fun to have TWO aunties here for the big night!

These might be my ALL TIME favorite pictures of Calvin.

Black and white or color? I couldn't decide! So, we do both here! My blog, my rules!

And the infamous carved pumpkin! He actually turned out darling. Okay, you win, Aaron!

Neighborhood party prior to trick-or-treating. The kids had fun chatting it up with their neighbors.

I have classy neighbors! Look at what they did with their pumpkins! So very Martha!

The loot! See, I was there too!

Candy, candy, candy! 

All in all, it was such a happy night of trick-or-treating, eating, and fun in our new neighborhood! Happy Halloween!

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