Tuesday, November 20, 2012

new hardware, and random life in November 2012

After our trip to Louisiana, Aaron set out to install hardware in our master bathroom. He is a champion! Til and I went out for a girl's night to Target to get groceries and then hit up the $1 Jewelry Store and found a few gems. She was SO happy for the alone time and it was darling to see what things she wanted to pick out. Take special note of her baby headband with the flower clipped to the side. All Til. All darling.

This was the before scene of the bare bathroom cabinets/drawers when we left him.
And here is the beautiful "after" the next morning! I'm in love (with that scene AND the boy who did it!)!!!

Our cute li'l Jazz fan. Followed up by ALL three boys decked out in Jazz gear.

I got my craft on and made a few more appliqu├ęd baby shirts for gifts.

Cal tippin' his hat to the wee brother. He adores his little buddy! Can't wait for Benny to get older to see them play and have fun.

Building blocks in mom and dad's room.

Aaron's office. They added the BYU decal to welcome him. Thanks for the panoramic shot, Aaron!

I pulled out the camera and took some shots of Aaron and Til playing the piano. She had just woken up from a nap and was extra cuddly. It was the sweetest.
I love our backyard. So dreamy.

Hot dogs for a dapper Calvino. He LOVES a good hot dog!

Tillie thought I needed a red poppy in my hair for story time. One of my most favorite things we do each day---read books. We all love it.

Since the weather is shifting, we pulled out the hot chocolate. The kids approved.

Cozy Benny just happily hanging out. I needed some shots for his birth announcement/moving announcement, so enjoy our several attempts of both him AND me. hA!

Then a few with my girl, b/c she was up for posin'!

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