Monday, November 5, 2012

two peas in a pod... and the rest of September's happenings

These two couldn't be sweeter with Benson if they tried.  This was my view one morning when Benson had just started to wake up.

Tillie is especially into Benson and jumps at the chance to hold him.

::: Yes, they have their fair share of tiffs here and there, but really, these two have a lot of fun together and get along 90% of the time.  That's a high percentage, if you ask me... Especially if you consider that they are just over a year and a half a part.
Here they are in their dress ups playing outside in the backyard.
Tillie loves to pretend that Cal is a prince.  And, actually, Cal is pretty down with that.  In fact, our babysitter told us that when they were playing dress ups at a day camp she hosted, all of the children dressed up in costumes... well, everyone but Calvin (which kind of surprised me because he loves to dress up, but then it didn't surprise me, b/c in social situations he's typically pretty reserved).  Anyway, there were several princesses in the group and when Abi (our babysitter) asked who would be a prince, Cal spoke up loud and clear, "I'm a prince. I'm Prince Charming."  hA!  Like I said, Cal is pretty quiet when it comes to big group things but I love that he totally spoke up and claimed his title.  
Love that boy.

Here's a shot that I edited with instagram.  Did it take this photo to a whole new level or what?!
This photo captures them perfectly.  Tillie in her crazy princess shoes (mis-matching) and the way she is holding her dress out... so funny.  And, Calvin.  That boy.  One thing I appreciate about Cal is that if he does something, he does it ALL the way.  No cutting corners for him.  This Woody outfit, for example: he needs boots, belt (tight, not loose), plaid shirt, vest, hat and bandana.  But, for some reason, he has it in his head that Woody's bandana is twisted on the side.  It was a DOO-sey trying to figure out why he'd be crying when we'd tie it on him and put it in front.  He kept telling us that we were doing it all wrong.  Finally, once he was in the mirror, he showed Aaron the proper way to adjust the bandana.  It's all about the details.  Ahh, that's my boy.

::: Aunty Becca came to town over the weekend.  She loves holding baby Benson and it's fun to see her reaction to how much he's grown through the week.  Her favorite time to hold Benson is right after he's been fed.  hA!  Nice, Becca.
(sorry about the closed eye shot, but it was the best one I got!)

::: Tillie is LOVING preschool, just as we predicted.  It's pretty fun how they get to do themed days there to mix it up.  This particular day, they were asked to dress up in something starting with the letter "B".  Enter Butterfly Matilda.  I had picked up these wings for her at the Dollar Stop for Christmas, but b/c we decided that they had too many gifts to open.  hA!  During the move we discovered the wings and let her open them for her costume.  :)  Score.  Here she is flitting about on the lawn after her successful day at preschool.
(and yes, we tried to make her little buns look like antennae, thank you very much. yes, it's all about the details.)
poser alert.
(she IS her mother's daughter)
later that day, the kids pulled out that random Spider Man swimming pool.  They have beat that thing to death.  Great purchase, Aaron!

::: Again, these two love their new brother.  These next shots prove it.  :)  I love Cal's closed eyes.  hA!

::: We LOVE it when Aaron is around.  Really, everything is better when he is here.  The kids are happier.  Mom is happier.  We have more fun.  He's just a winner, all around.  This was my view doing dishes one afternoon during lunch time.  What a happy crew all in a row.
(Tillie, the yogurt trick all over your lips is disgusting.  You are cute, but the yogurt everywhere is gross.  Love you. from, mom.)

I love newborns.  I love this baby.  He is just so stinkin' sweet!!  While we're on the subject of "love"---I love my new chair. And, especially the fact that it swivels.  I can feed the baby in the comfort of the AC filled house, and see this view of the kids + Aaron outside.  

Speaking of love---baby yawns.  Be still my heart.
More faces?  Yes, of course.  He's discovering his hands, as you can CLEARLY see below.  So funny. The angle makes his hands look CRAZY big, which, they are big, but probably not THAT big.
Love this shot of my sleepy boys.
::: Annnnnd, the contrasting image of a crazy jumping Tillie.  hA!

::: Woody is back on the scene accompanied by the lady in black.  We decided to pull out the bubbles (after a ton of begging from these two yay-hoos).  
Here are the photos Aaron captured from the event (b/c bubbles ARE an event around here).

For the record, Calvin is the sweatiest boy I know.  But, in his defense, he IS wearing a billion layers here.  

::: I love these two shots of Cal.  My cute friend, Amanda, has a little boy Cal's age and invited the kids to come play one morning.  Sadly, Tillie caught a cold and I didn't want her to spread her yucky germs, so Cal went on a solo playdate.  This was a first for him (Tillie has ALWAYS been his partner in crime), so I was a little nervous for him.  This is us waiting by the front window for her to come pick him up.  What a sweet boy.
So, how did he do?  Amanda (my friend) said that he played GREAT and was really happy the entire time, but then when they were about ready to head to their house and eat lunch, Cal said he was actually ready to go back home.  hA!  I love it.  So, she brought him back per his request.  I love it and was secretly thrilled when I heard the news! We missed him!!  :)
This was the "sick" Tillie while Calvin was gone.  She kills me.  You know, just doing a few twirls in her "gymnastic girl outfit" with jam all over her mouth.
Cleaned up and watching a movie with her box of tissues.  I think she likes being sick.  Don't we all?  (Well, all of it except for the "sick" part.)

::: Baby Benson is sporting a shirt that Aunty Becca wore as a wee lass.  Yes, this shirt is 24 years old.  My mother kept it in MINT condition.  This is the company my dad has worked for... for a lot of years!!  Cutest mascot ever.  Represent!

::: Ironic much? 
The funny thing is that both Aaron and I took pictures on our phone of this book title among all the clutter thinking it was a funny juxtaposition.  Nice.  Don't worry, that mess has been picked up (and another one is in it's place).

::: More playing in the backyard.  So funny that we were worried for Matilda when we had Calvin.  We thought we were doing her a dis-service by adding another child to the mix and wouldn't have enough time to give her all the attention she might need.  Ummm... Cal has more than compensated.  He's the best thing we could have ever done for our Tillie.  Yes, two peas in a pod, these two.  It was funny/terrifying watching them one evening playing their version leap frog with each other.  They kill me.  And, it's amazing they survive each day. 
All smiles after this incident. (yes, Cal is smiling in the back too, while rubbing his head. hA!)

::: Baby Benson's first bath.  So teeny tiny!!  I was so happy to have that darn umbilical cord stump fall off finally!  I hate those things!  Do you think he enjoyed his bathing experience?  His face makes it hard to tell.
Let it be known that Benson LOOOOOVES taking a bath!  Sigh of relief.  It makes it so much more enjoyable when they are calm and happy in the water, rather than freaking out.  So, thank you, Benson.  

It would be a crime not to love a baby in a hooded ducky towel.  So cute.

::: Crazy Woody holding the Bensey Boy.  Nice lips, Cal.

::: Some of my friends put together a health/beauty favorite things night.  It was awesome!  Everyone was supposed to bring their favorite health/beauty item (under $10). Each person shared with the group their item and why they love it... then afterward we played the White Elephant game and picked what thing we wanted.  It was great fun!  I love these girls! We're going to do another one with the kitchen theme next time.  Good times!
(Kerry was showing everyone her awesome necklace... such a captive audience!)

::: Tillie had a crazy clothes day at preschool.  This was what she came up with.  Too funny.  We thought we'd add to the crazy by making her hair nutty too.  She kills me.

::: This girl LOVES her baby brother and smothers him with kisses and "loves" constantly.  Fairly often I have to tell her to give Benson some air.  :)  Luckily, he's a good sport.  Gotta love siblings.
who wouldn't want to be smothered with kisses by this girl?  hA!

::: I know, this next shirt is kind of girly.  I made it for Tillie back in the day.  But, I love it and knew it wouldn't fit him much longer, so I put it on him.  He didn't mind too much.
little cross eyed beau
here is Tillie rocking the shirt 5 years ago... she is about 4 weeks older in this pic.  haha.

::: Speaking of cute kiddos, this poor little boy caught his sister's cold.  Wiped him out.  Just look at that face.  
Luckily, having dad around made it better.  Calvin doesn't even seem sick when dad is around.  Love these shots of them together.

::: Aaron really is a gem to have around.  Plus, he's a good chef.  Just look what he whipped up for us the next morning to raise Cal's spirits. 
Tillie prefers her strawberries on the side and covering her crepe in maple syrup.  'Atta girl.  :)  Clean Plate Club or BUST!

::: Apparently the crepes were magical and gave Cal all sorts of energy.  We needed new tires on the van so we ran over to Costco.  It took a little longer than anticipated, so the kids filled the time with racing.
Here they are stretching.
....and they're off!
The racing theme continues around these parts and I'm seeing that MOST of the pictures with these two in them are blurry.  That's okay.  I'm happy they have a ball with one another...
...And that they crack each other up.

Yes, good times at the Wood house.


Hannah said...

Cute kids and that new babe is adorable!

You're daughter is a riot!

emily snyder said...

oh, i sooo love it. and love that it helps with my withdrawals . . . i sooo love being with you guys!

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

The very last photo was up and Max said Calvin looks like a girl because he has a flower in his hair. You sure have fun with your family. Three kids are so great don't you think! Your post are always so long that I forget the comments I had by the end and just say something generic. Tillie's preschool seems awesome.


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