Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beginning of November 2012--the rest of Em's trip to Texas

We LOOOVED having Emily around to visit! We loved hanging out at the house, admiring Cal's artwork, dressing up the boys to match (Benny loved this game, obviously.), and generally having a grand time. Em knew how happy it made the kids when Nana and Papa took them to Build-A-Bear, so she took them back! SPOILED ROTTEN, these kids. Seriously! Such luck!

We HAD to follow up the mall trip with the amazing pumpkin village at the Arboretum! We couldn't NOT take her! She was amazed at it all too! So great.

Calvin was feeling like he should switch gears and not ALWAYS dress up as Woody the cowboy, so he requested a batman costume. Me, being the cheap-skate that I am, and also feeling really sad about a potential chapter closing on Woody, I decided to take his favorite snow hat and add felt bat ears to it. We grabbed a black scarf I bought in Spain on a study-abroad I did in college (those scarves were great purchases!), added his black track pants and we were set! He was SO happy. It was really sweet and a nice reminder that kids have great imaginations. A little effort on my part ended up providing hours of imaginative play with this happy two year old. The sweetest! 

Em learned how to make the BEST PIES on the PLANET from the one, the only, Kathy Barber. She has amazing baking/cooking skills. So, upon finding out that Emily had been tutored in the art of pie making from the expert---I forced her to make us some! And she did! BRAVO!

Becca headed up north and we snuck away to downtown McKinney and did a little antique shopping. Look at how happy we were to get out on the town! 
We followed it up with dinner and it was a delightful night. I love my sisters!
My sister knew Ashlie Richey back in her EFY counselor days, and it was so funny and random that she happened to be in my new Dallas ward! In fact, the first Sunday that Becca and I attended, she came up to us and said, "Wait a minute! Are you two Snyders? I totally know your sister!" It was so funny. It's a SMALL world after all! Here's a pic they got together in the RS room. haha!

We decided to capitalize on things when we had extra hands and help! Family photos 2012! haha! We posed it up in the backyard and hoped that we could get ONE picture. But alas, me super post-pardom and feeling no bueno about my body/life/face coupled with unhappy and un-cooperative kids---well, let's just say, we didn't get any great shots of our family. But, we tried!

We got some cute ones with Em and the big kids, though!
We finished off with a delicious bbq a la Aaron. Yum!

Ladies of the house shot! Woot! Woot!

The carved pumpkin started aging fast. HAHA!

Creepy spider in the backyard. Calvin was especially thrilled with this discovery. GAG!

After Em left, the house was REALLY quiet and sad. So, we needed to find something to do to cheer us up! Enter MEMORY! Always a crowd pleaser. 

We also filled the quiet hours while Til was at preschool with a few more photo shoots with this Baby Benny's Baby Blues! This blankie my mom made really brought out the electric color! So sweet!

And I also filled the quiet hours with a little cow-poke background for Benny's birth announcement! Such fun!

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