Monday, January 16, 2012

Jennifer Wildey Photography does it again + Holiday 2011 cards

So, we have some really good friends, and their last name is Wildey.  We met them back in San Antonio, and basically, we love them.  They are high up there on our "WHO WE MISS" list.  Anyway, we knew we were making the move to Dallas in a week and I convinced Jen to take our family pictures before we left.  I am in LOVE with the location she had us go to.  The scenery was amazing.

Also, I love Jen's ability to make us comfortable.  Honestly, I've NEVER been that comfortable taking pictures.  We just played and had fun.  And she captured it.

p.s. let's talk about my bang situation.  I know.  Wonky.  I had them pinned back, but then it was super windy, so they are half there/half not.  Weird.  I know.  But, I think we can all agree to look past the wonky bang situation.

Okay, you gotta follow the story on these next few...  Cal found the pollen ball thing and was thinking it was funny to try to eat it...

This is me, trying to hold his hand back and Tillie thinking she's going to mimic him...

This is me realizing that Tillie is trying to pull a "calvin" and thinking she is pretty funny... All the while, Cal has stuck the entire gross pollen ball in his mouth while we turn away.  GAG!

Calvin and Tillie both thinking they are pretty clever.  Calvin is ESPECIALLY getting a kick out of himself.  His mom never does that.  I'm certain he didn't get it from me.

okay, now you can see a few more at your leisure.

So what did we do for our holiday cards this year?
I am sure you are dying in suspense...

The rational was to create a Happy Thanksgiving card + Moving card so that people could remember to update their address cards and send us their Christmas cards.  
Method to the madness, people.
I love getting Christmas cards each year and knew that no one had our new address.
A huge perk of doing our cards this way was that it was totally done before Christmas really got started. (well, for the most part... I slacked off on some of them.  sorry friends.  you know who you are!)

I might just have started a new tradition.  Really, it was so great to have my end checked off my list!

So, here's what the card looked like (well, almost looked like... I am using the digital version here (because I'm lazy and didn't feel like taking a true photo), imagine it printed on a cream card stock in real life).

front of card:

photo we used:

what the inside of the card said... well, I changed the address...

what our return address sticker looked like:

So, there you have it.  Feel free to contact Jen if you want her to capture your family, baby, milestone, etc. etc. etc.  I cannot recommend her enough!
Remember, she did Cal's baby pictures too?  Hello.  She's awesome.

Check her out.  You'll thank me later.


Sarah said...

Love the location - perfectly simple to not distract from the great focal point of the picture!

becca said...

sweet! glad to see them up.

ellen said...

The photos are wonderful!

Tyler and Erin said...

love love love. I love that they totally capture the moments. :)


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