Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cal's Big Boy Bed. Playing. New Years Eve.

After my family left, I was inspired to get Christmas cleaned up quick and get the bedrooms back in working order.  After we got it all spic and span, I decided to take a few photos of Cal's room first.  With his room, sadly, there's just not much going on.  We haven't even hung any pictures yet, b/c his room is the one I'm still unsure about.  Up until now, he's been in his crib and we weren't sure where we'd permanently put the bed... and we might change things up again soon.  So, alas, here's what it is for now.  
It still kills me to see him old enough to be in a real bed!  He loves being able to say that he'd like to sleep in his "Big Boy Bed!!" each night.  And, I also like the fact that I can get him to shape up by telling him he'll need sleep in his crib if he doesn't stay in his room.  :)  It's nice to have power. 
That huge lion pillow-pet thing? He loves when we put it on top of him.  Makes me a little un-easy, but he loves it and scoots it over when he really gets tired.  
One day, I'll have his room really decorated, until then, here's where he spends his nap times and bed times:
I love the high ceilings in these rooms!
He loves, especially, that little doggy on the far left.  I had forgotten his little snuggly thing on a trip to Boston when he was 9 months old, so we got him this as a replacement.  He sucks on one of the corners EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  It's a little disgusting, to say the least, so I try to throw it in the wash every few days.  So funny that he has clung on to that doggy night after night.
We moved the kitchen in here for him, in case he wants to do Quiet Time instead of  nap somedays.  He really loves playing with it.  And beautiful big box with frames in the corner?  One day they'll be hung.  For now, they continue to sit!
*Almost* two year old, big boy, Calvin.
He's always loved squeezing stuffed animals.  He gives them huge hugs whenever he's excited.  Such a peanut!

::: Just hanging out on a random afternoon with the dress ups.  I thought these were funny, b/c Calvin LOVES wearing the high heeled princess shoes.  Here he is sporting them.  The joys of having an older sister.  Honestly, it's amazing how well he gets around in those shoes!
Work it, Cal!
they are (overall) pretty sweet with each other.
::: New Years Eve.  This was a funny night.  At one point in time, we THOUGHT about having some people over.  But in the end, we were tired and didn't feel like it.  STORY OF OUR LIVES.  So, we opted to go to the mall instead.  I had some Christmas credit to spend and we thought we'd go out to eat.
So, we browsed around for a bit (shopping at the mall isn't as magical as it used to be when I was a teenager. weird.), and then decided to go fancy and head to the Cheesecake Factory.  Hey, it was, after all, the new year.  :)  We got some delicious food in their billion page menu (have you ever seen how long that thing is??) and enjoyed the meal.  Calvin especially.  For some reason I took two pictures of him eating.  Is it weird that I love watching my kids eat?  They really are great eaters, for the most part.

We had told Tillie we could go to look around at the Disney Store after we ate... so it was a REAL bummer when we came out of the restaurant only to discover that the mall had closed up early.  Like at 7:00 or something.  BOO!  Tillie was heartbroken and kept sobbing, "But you told me after we eat we could go!"  So sad.  We had had no idea.

We made it up to her by letting her eat some ice cream when we got home.  All was well after that announcement.

Anyway, there you have it.  Cal's Big Boy Bedroom (for now), High Heel skillzz, and New Years Eve.  HAPPY 2012!

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Jordan and Jandee said...

How did Cal get so huge? And darling of course. Am thinking of moving Gavin into a big boys bed -- but then he won't be able to sleep in my closet, which is so convenient.


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