Tuesday, January 17, 2012

entertainment center turned into office furniture + messing around

About 2.5 billion years ago, I said that I'd show you the new WOODEN paper sorters I had found for a SONG at a going out of business sale.  $5 for each.  Remember that I had spent weeks looking for a replacement one and they cost well over $70?  Yes.  It was my lucky day.  And, every time I take a gander at these beauts, I am pleased.  Don't mind the cord on the right, and the messy paintings we have tossed up there too.  But, you get the drift, right?

I was actually taking a bunch of photos of the kids messing around, when I realized I hadn't taken any shots of the transformed entertainment center.  So, alas, let's get on to the REAL stars of the show... Tillie-face and Cal-pal.

A few great shots of Cal and his many faces.  I love doing these!  See this fickle pickle!? (love that he is wearing green too.  A pickle indeed! oh! and funny in this first shot, I'm holding him back so he doesn't throw himself into me/the camera.  nice.)

so funny.
he kills me, really, he does.

And a few more, for good measure.

Not a real hug unless your eyes are closed...

oh! there he goes!  
happy days at the wood house.  good times.

the end. for now.


Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

Everything in your pictures looks like it was done on purpose. I always feel like you have a 100% grasp on everything in life when I look at your photos. I am not jealous at all that I am not down there having a party with you guys right now! Have fun.

office furniture said...

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